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I execute like the Howard-is-evil trope. Or, in ~ least, the wasn’t a great father. Complicated, ns guess, yet I think there was a lot walk on in that relationship that wasn’t healthy. There space a the majority of fics with something follow me these currently tbh, but, anyway, right here are some suggestions!


Putting off Crying through anthcnystark: ~ Tony has actually a nightmare, Steve needs to step approximately the plate to take of his upper heart husband.

A Teddy Bear called Steve by nighwalker: when cleaning the end the attic, Tony finds part old friends the thought lengthy lost.

What stays Behind by lweilaura: “My other Avengers, might I invite you come the distinct mansion, the location I’ve been born and also raised.”

Wild or tamed by FangirlingManaged: Steve finds a suicide keep in mind from a seventeen-year-old Tony. It’s a shock, to say the least.

Requiem massive (in D Minor) by Valmasy
trickyarchangel: In hindsight, Tony should’ve have seen that coming. Naught ever great happened around Christmas. To it is in fair, though, he’d just been a kid, plagued v nightmares. Or:Why the gauntlet never comes off.

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When Life i do not care a pat (And i Don’t know the duty I’ve been Cast) by firelord_zutara: month after the battle of new York, the team moves into the tower. Tony and Steve keep dancing about each other, yet besides his feelings in the direction of the man, Tony has sufficient to transaction with, what v trying to concerned terms v himself and his own, an individual issues. He battles through and through, however in the end, there’s only one human who deserve to save him – the one human he no the most: himself.

I’m no Your Victim through Lilipoussis: as soon as Steve request Tony about Howard, he didn’t realise the type of chain reaction it would cause. The team may an alert something is wrong, yet it takes a journalist and also an insane demigod to pressure the truth into the light, and once the an enig it out, the team will never be the same.

Shutting Up, together you wished by awesome_goddess_of_mischief: A careless comment bring out much more than anyone might have expected. Deserve to Steve resolve it? Or will certainly Iron man be forever silent?

cracks by starkravingcap: They discover Howard Stark’s old workshop boarded up in the basement the the new York office throughout renovations.

Take This by Arkada: Very, very couple of people are enabled to hand things to Tony Stark. Steve has to fight to come to be one of them, and in the process, i do not care something more.

Lessons on just how to it is in Worthwhile by
pensversusswords: The one where Steve thinks Tony is amazing, and Tony think Steve is amazing, however Tony doesn’t think Tony is amazing. Or, Tony has issues with me worth, and also Steve wants to deal with that.

The other Side the the Story through
missbeckywrites: Steve goes come visit Peggy one day, and also discovers the isn’t the just Avenger who’s to be coming to view her.

These Promises damaged by
missbeckywrites: “Tony, also if you don’t go talk to him, you have to face the fact that your father – or at least some variation of that – is top top this ship ideal now. This is happening. Whether you desire it or not.”

I’m well by Morethancupcake: It’s not a mantra. No really. It’s no something he explicitly tells himself. No.It’s just… it grounding to him.Fine. He’s fine.

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It problem to Me through Cyane: Tony doesn’t like having actually an north seat to his right.

All Time short (series) through Kittyswriting: Tony thrived up in a abusive household, however he put all the behind him. Currently somehow that information has been leaked come the media. Deserve to Steve catch Tony and aid his boyfriend v this?

My household by ThatRandomWeirdo01: every Avenger has actually their own forbidden topics the they don’t want to speak about. For Tony, no one is to talk about Afghanistan or his childhood. But, what happens as soon as the team, whilst feather cleaning, find all of Tony’s childhood secrets through childhood videos and pictures.

hold the things you wanna to speak by SailorChibi: Tony is still a consultant, and between SI, the team and also SHIELD he’s overworked and exhausted. That’s okay.He and also Steve have actually been having sex for weeks yet that’s all it is, just sex, and also Tony wants an ext but he’ll never obtain it and that’s okay. Really.What’s not okay is the truth that Howard Stark has actually somehow appeared in the future and also is the same as always. This is definitely going come fuck increase his schedule.

Lesser Demons by sabrecmc: Peggy leaves Steve something in her will. (basically, Steve watches house movies the a young Tony with Howard and everyone and comes to know Tony a bit far better after CACW)

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