Before the age of the Olympians in Greek mythology, tright here were the Titans. The Titans ruled in the world in the time of the Golden Era. One of the Twelve Titans was Atlas. He was the boy of Titan god Iapetus and Titan goddess Clymene. The Titans ruled the universe until Zeus, child of fellow Titan Cronus, banded in addition to the Olympians to overthrow his father and fight the Titans for the world.

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The Titan War

Titans Atlas and also Prometheus, Laconian black-number amphora C6th B.C., Vatican City Museums

Throughout the Titan War, the Titans battled the Olympians for regulate of the universe. The Olympians had Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon, and also Hades, while the Titans contained Greek gods Cronus, Atlas, and also Prometheus.

Throughout the Titan War, Atlas sided through his fellow Titans in battle to defeat the Olympians. The Titans lost the war, and the Olympians baniburned the Titans to Tartarus. Tartarus was a deep abyss offered as a priboy for the Titan gods, and the majority of of the Titans would certainly spend eternity tright here.

The Fate of Atlas

Unprefer his fellow Titans, Atlas had a different punishment. Instead of being banimelted to Tartarus, Zeus enslaved Atlregarding holding up the earth on his shoulders for all eternity. This was because Zeus wanted Atlregarding keep Gaia from forming the primordial bond via Tartarus. Atlas did not prefer holding up the earth on his shoulders, and he tried to gain out of it many times.

The Myth of Atlas and Perseus

The myth of Atlas and also Perseus tells the story of Perseus turning Atlregarding stone utilizing Medusa’s head.

One day, Perseus was on his way home after beheading Medusa. He made it to the finish of the earth and came upon Atlas holding up the earth. Perseus asked Atlas for shelter from his long journey. Atlas was told in an ancient prophecy that someone would certainly come for his spiritual gold apples, so Atlas turned Perseus ameans.

Perseus was angry that Atlas would certainly not administer him sanctuary throughout his long journey, so he took out Medusa’s head from his satchel and also verified it to Atlas. Atlas looked into the eyes of the beheaded Medusa and was turned to stone immediately.

The Myth of Hercules and Atlas

Another myth in Greek mythology tells the story of Hercules and his 12 labors.

When Hercules was married to Megara, he had 3 sons. Hera, wife of Zeus, tried to ruin Hercules countless times because Hercules was a continuous reminder of her husband also Zeus’s unfaithful affair via a mortal womale Alcmene. This mortal woman offered birth to Zeus’s child Hercules, and also his visibility was a consistent reminder to Hera of Zeus’s affair. Thus, she tried to destroy him many kind of times.

One day, Hera sent out madness upon Hercules and also made him think that he necessary to kill his wife and also children because he assumed they were someone else. Once he killed them, he realized what he had actually done and was struck through grief. Hercules sought the advice of Apollo to try to make points right. Apollo told Hercules that he have to visit King Eurystheus and come to be his servant.

When Hercules checked out King Eurystheus, he told Hercules he would certainly should complete 12 hard labors for him. One of those labors wregarding steal the golden apples that belonged to Zeus. These apples were in a garden and guarded by a hundred-headed dragon and also the Hesperides sea nymphs. Hercules did not understand just how he was going to obtain past these guards to steal the gold apples, so he sought the help of Atlas at the advice of Prometheus.

Hercules checked out Atlas and also asked proposed a deal: if Atlas fetched the golden apples, Hercules would hold up the earth. Atlas hated holding up the earth, so he willcompletely agreed. After Atlas had actually retrieved the apples, he went back to Hercules and told him that he would take the apples to King Eurystheus himself. After all, Atlas did not desire to return to holding up the earth.

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Hercules might not let Atlas do that yet likewise didn’t recognize how to offer him back the earth, so Hercules came up with a setup. Hercules asked Atlas to take the earth for a moment while he placed some soft padding on his shoulders to aid him organize the earth. When Atlas agreed and also took the earth back on his shoulders, Hercules got the apples and also left Atlas at the edge of the earth holding the world prefer he had done for so many type of years before.