“But encourage one one more daily, as long as the is dubbed ‘Today,’ so that none the you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.”

– Hebrews 3:13

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Happy new Year! and congratulations, girlfriend made it come 2021. Ns think plenty of of us are breathing a sigh the relief today, but the reality is that we are much stronger, wiser, and also all-around much better people than we were this time critical year. Walking with the fire and also enduring the challenges of 2020 offered us a priceless gift, and I pray that we won’t lose sight of it in the days ahead. Together we look forward to resuming life as typical (whenever and also whatever the is), let’s no forget how precious it was to it is in reminded that what’s most important. Together we’ve carried our focus closer to home in the past ten months, God has used a trying time to align ours hearts v His priorities and also to provide us higher compassion for our fellow human beings. V this newfound awareness of our priorities, let’s resolve to live abundantly in the job ahead. Even though apprehension still lingers, stop be interlocutor in expecting the holy Spirit to relocate as we commit our time, talent, and also treasure again come the work-related of His Kingdom. When we start our brand-new year’s journey, let’s set goals, write them down, pray end them, and also partner with Jesus to do them happen. As lengthy as the is referred to as today, stop encourage each various other to keep relocating forward and also to show the human being what it method to live and love favor our mr does.

My friend, I believe in you, and also so does her Heavenly Father. You are necessary in this world, and also your life has great impact. You space loved much more than you can fathom, and when God looks at you, His love overflows through joy due to the fact that He look at the photo of His Son. The delights in her life, and also He desires to spend every work of the comes year abiding with you, helping you, and also reminding you of just how much He care for her soul. Look to Him, let that lead, intend His best, and also know that everything happens, you will never ever be alone. The is v you on the mountaintops and in the valleys, and also He is pour it until it is full you v His existence so girlfriend beam with a deep joy that is constantly noticed by others. You are full of faith, complete of life, and full the peace, and you are here to change the world. As long as that is referred to as today, unswervingly bring out her calling, and you’ll be astonished by just how He works with you to bless others!


Jesus, I desire to live every work of the comes year abiding in your presence. Command me into your fullness, and also I will follow.


What room your goals for this year? will they carry you closer to Jesus?

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