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About the Song

Released ~ above January 25, 1997, “Good together I was to You” to be recorded and also popularized by American nation music artist and also Tennessee indigenous Lorrie Morgan. It was the third and last solitary from her 5th studio album, Greater Need. American nation music songwriters Don Schlitz and Billy Livsey penned the song while American musician and also record producer James Stroud created it for BNA Records. This three-minute tune was among the access time of Morgan in the late 1970’s. The was preceded by “I Just might Be” released in 1996, and also followed by “Go Away” which was released in the exact same year the stated song.

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Despite not landing on the peak spot, “Good as I was to You” to be a complete performer in the charts because that Morgan. Many notably, the peaked at no. 4 ~ above the Billboard Hot country Singles & Tracks in the unified States. ~ above the other hand, it likewise entered the Canadian RPM country Tracks whereby it charted at no. 17.

Song Meaning

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The best characteristic of country music is its capability to convey a coherent story. Now, this makes it interesting knowing that the song is a country music. It just tells a narrative. As for “Good as I to be to You,” behind the is a post that empowers ladies to wake up for themselves against cheating men. The song specifically portrays a woman that was conscious that her far-reaching other (maybe a husband or boyfriend) has actually been cheating ~ above her. Hence, upon finding out that he and also his various other woman visited the restaurant whereby they provided to dine, she confronts them.

Moreover, she madly speak him every single good thing she has actually done because that him. She expresses she dismay and also disgust. She speak him that after all of what she’s done to him, that is cheating that he would certainly repay her. Furthermore, she climate tells the other woman that she will never ever run ~ her male anymore. She stated that she can have him anytime she wants.

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The chorus that the track tells every what the woman response to she man:

Good as I to be to girlfriend is this the many thanks I get?Are every the year we mutual so easy to forget?Does this median that you’ve won?Are you ultimately having fun?Is she her dream come true?Oh, she sure looks good but she won’t ever be As great as ns was come you…

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