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On Asar, background has bejuniorg8.come myth. Millennia-old experiments have actually bejuniorg8.come gyeongju of beings v cultures and also dreams of your own, and their creators, an progressed race native afar, have birthed myths and legends, exit ruins and also technologies, and also a destiny on which the planet"s future balances. A few still go the world as gods.

A prophecy speak of one that will it is in born, one with the blood needed to reawaken the abandoned an innovation of the ancient Zemurians that fled the planet in shame long ago. But few have time to contemplate prophecy in a people torn by war, ravaged by a savage despot.

The Panjatai Hegemony rules most of the well-known world. It earnings war through its neighbors, fighting come subdue the wild warrior of the Ferghana Steppe and also the tiger men of Oujda, the Ukar"a lizard-men that Thibur and the desert dwellers the Ashmara. The Panjatai ruler"s lust for power is juniorg8.complete, but a nightmare haunts his sleep. A nightmare the one that will end his reign. A boy, wielding a Zemurian blade, in ~ the head the an army the likes of which Asar has actually not watched in 3 thousand years. The one foretold. The Hegemon will prevent at nothing to change the fate the suffers every night in his sleep.

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Maj is a straightforward boy, elevated in a mountain village far native everything, top top the outskirts of the Hegemony. Come those roughly him the is an outsider: despite his da is indigenous Kalmat, his ma was unknown, a foreigner. Trained as a warrior through his da, Zoltan, whose skill with a blade is legend though the resource of that skill a mystery, Maj is caught between forces he cannot regulate bent on his destruction, his life depending upon his juniorg8.companions, his natural gifts, and also the indict of a god.

Fleeing throughout Asar with fatality on his heels, Maj should race against time, with deadly jungles and sprawling cities, ancient ruins and huge oceans, searing deserts and dark fortresses, to learn to control his power, discover the legacy of the old ones, and fulfill his destiny.

ISBN: 9781393038351 ISBN-10: 1393038352 Series: Ark the the Ancients Audience: general Format: Paperback Language: English variety of Pages: 652 Published: 8th January 2021 Publisher: Draft2digital size (cm): 23.5x19.05 x3.33 load (kg): 1.1