Another Story of collapse Maidens is a collection of RPGM games that are effectively light nukige. Lock exist in ~ the Monster Girl Encyclopedia universe after the an ar of Lescatie’s revolution into a demon realm. Both the the games attribute a heroine that is trying to gain some an effective relic while gift transformed right into various monster girls and turned earlier repeatedly. In addition, castle both have their love interest along with them top top the quest. Both gamings lack gameplay—but the story an ext than makes up for it.

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Generally, I’m a fan of pixel animations over static CGs, they are well done and also show an excellent variety that monster girls. The video game was make by Exelga, which consists of Kenkou Cross, and also his arts direction shines with as usual. If you prefer Monster Girl Encyclopedia then you’ll probably enjoy this or understand it already.

This is part seriously good pixel art

Another Story of please Maidens: fallen Hero and The Magic sword of Truth

Fallen Maidens takes place right ~ Lescatie’s fall, wherein our heroine, Eristia Vitral, is the end to uncover the magic sword of fact to take back Lescatie. The magic knife is said to have the ability to bring around its wielder’s preferred future. Eristia receive orders from The bespeak to obtain the knife from the ruins. She sets off accompanied through Yuriy, who she saves from part monsters close to the start.

The rest of the video game has Eristia having actually lewd experiences v Yuriy, which room brushed off together daydreams. There’s usually no staying clear of the H-scenes, you simply go with the linear game. Shout out to the Alarune scene, yet that’s just reason I am of tree girls in the first place. You additionally get part really pretty pages thas that have actually some quite exposition. A very familiar and also welcome vision for many Monster Girl Encyclopedia fans.


I won’t damn it the ending, yet I mean it shouldn’t be that difficult to number out based on the title. In its entirety I played this year ago, and it held up come a replay quite well. The one major flaw the this video game is exactly how slow it can be in ~ times. There room will it is in times as soon as you’re in a sex scene and also it simply kind that drags on, that feels a little bit like padding at points. You can want to take into consideration speed hacking if the really bothers you.

You have the right to buy the game in EN here: another Story of fallen Maidens: collapse Hero and the Magic sword of Truth

Another Story of fallen Maidens II: Lescatie Infiltration Report

Fallen Maidens II is very comparable to the first, girlfriend play together a nun Leah, who is tasked through infiltrating Lescatie to retrieve God’s Tears, some type of an effective holy relic. This time Leah is repetitively turned into a monster girl but ends increase transforming earlier every time because of a surprise that is worth not spoiling. She is accompanied by Alberto who has actually an interesting history with her—their relationship is quite interesting and is among the Fallen Maidens II‘s greatest strengths.


The gameplay and also most that the points that I explained in the very first game space the exact same again. The story ns think is substantially better, and also the relationship is far much more interesting—but over there are components that worse. My large issue through the game is the it has scenes for if Leah decides to no revert among her monster transformations, and also continue living like that.

These room the poor ends, and while they space trivial to avoid you have the right to accidentally select them if clicking v the sex scenes, which choose the very first game room a bit too long for mine liking. In enhancement to being slow scenes, they additionally kick you earlier to the main menu, and while you do save right before the scene starts, the scene is still an extremely long.

If you’re cautious enough to avoid that, you can recall the scenes at the finish through the storage room, i m sorry are great scenes. Ns think that they room a great addition, but making the default choices to not accept the poor end would certainly be nice to have. As whole the second fallen maiden is a video game of extremes, the good parts are much better, however the negative parts are noticeably worse. I generally care much more about the high of a game, for this reason I found the 2nd game a much better experience as a whole.

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You can gain the second game in English here


Fallen Maidens is a an excellent series. Ns don’t think i could take into consideration it one of the good RPGM games due to the fact that there are countless with really gameplay the I’ve enjoyed and engaged with, however this is for the most part a very inoffensive experience. It’s pretty simple to introduce to anybody who likes monster girls, doubly so because that anybody that is already a fan of Monster Girl Encyclopedia. I don’t understand if they will justifying their price tag for everybody, however they have fantastic time to enjoyment ratio, i beg your pardon I generally value far more.