Hi, Just wondering if anyone has offered or is using the angel sounds doppler? I chose to buy one as the reviews i review appeared really excellent and also the price was so cheap! I"m 16 weeks tomorrow and also deserve to hear some sounds whilst utilizing it however not been able to uncover the babys heartbeat yet. Heard my lil ones heartbeat whilst visiting the midwife so know what that sounds choose. was impressive :). Just wanted to know what sounds you have heard? x

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Hiya, I"ve been making use of the angelsounds doppler since 12 weeks and I"m now 14 weeks. I"ve been able to hear the baby"s hb every time. I have the right to also find my hb and also what i presume is blood flowing bereason it"s a loud roaring kinda noise! I understand it"s the baby"s hb because I have actually counted the bpm and also its constantly approximately 160ish. It took a while to get the hang of it and at initially I needed a full bladder and it took me periods to find! I likewise check out the reviews and some woguys did say the didn"t uncover it until later on so store trying

Ahh how lovely will attempt it via a complete bladder and also hopecompletely i will have the ability to discover it, thanks for the tip! Ive heard many sounds, heard what appears to sound prefer the liquid relocating as baby moves, bubbling, loud tapping and the only method to describe a sound which to me sounds prefer a spaceship firing bulallows hopefully you obtain what i mean!! x


hiya, i provided the angel heartbeat doppler from 9weeks, incredibly extremely extremely complete bladder and also took a while to find, however it put my mind at ease so a lot, i offered it last week and i actually managed to discover the precise spot of babys heart, i never before heard it that solid prior to, yes it does take some time to find sometimes, and also occasionally baby hides but it doesput my mind at ease
Ahh just how lovely will certainly try it via a full bladder and also hopecompletely i will have the ability to uncover it, many thanks for the tip! Ive heard many sounds, heard what appears to sound favor the fluid relocating as baby moves, bubbling, loud tapping and also the only means to explain a sound which to me sounds favor a spaceship firing bulallows hopetotally you acquire what i mean!! x
lolol spaceship firing bullets, i choose that, i actually believed it sounded alittle favor a quick train on tracks x
Hi,I offered the angel sounds doppler and found it really good! I used it from around 14 weeks and even then it did take a while to discover babys hb and also i had actually to use it extremely low dvery own....more approximately my pelvis area as opposed to my tummy. I discovered it hugely reassuring! Good luck and also I hope all goes well for you all! xx:D
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i have one as well yet not been able to hear bubba yet, im only 11 weeks so might be too early. when those of you who have heard hb, what time of day was it? wondering if i save recording bubs once s/he is hiding, possibly cwtched in for a sleep? i have actually heard the whooshing noise and also deserve to hear my heartbeat which i presume is coming from the placenta or somewright here adjacent. likewise is tbelow a details gel or oil to use? iv been utilizing bio oil, thought it would certainly kill 2 birds through 1 rock lol!thanks

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I"ve been using it the past two days - it was on market at Amazon; am at 16 weeks and managed to hear bb"s heartbeat - it would "disappear" occasionally and then I"d have to chase after bb to uncover it again The load I bought came through some gel; otherwise water or oils are recommended for usage.