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And thus began the waifu wars!

I found all three of the women to be fantastic. The angel’s name is Elysia, and she is pretty much exactly what you would expect an point of view to be. She is an extremely caring and also so sweet she’d offer you diabetes in about two seconds flat. She take away it together a personal difficulty to make Ayumu happy, and he seems pretty ecstatic around this. Then again who wouldn’t be, right?


Like this could’ve to be anything else!

The dark elf Queen Hilda is the last member that Ayumu’s newly formed harem. She is an extremely timid and also shy when it pertains to matters that sex. She is very strong-willed though and determined to obtain some essence for her people. She was certainly my favourite of the three as I supposed from the begin for a pair reasons. Her facial expressions room pure gold. The embarrassed but an extremely cute demeanor she has only add to to her greatness. The other reason is it’s really difficult to uncover H games with elves whereby they room not being abused. I know some folks favor that, yet it’s no my cup that tea and also its good to check out something favor this for a adjust of pace.

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Only plot here. No justice for cute aliens!

The music here is all a pretty typical affair. Yes sir nothing here that is offensive yet nothing I can say the really stands the end either. The sound effects here are also pretty basic, and are exactly what girlfriend would intend to uncover in an eroge. The voice exhilaration is all done in Japanese and also is peak notch. Those girls sound supervisor erotic, favor pretty lot all the time, and also it fits with the theme here nicely.

While Angel, Devil, Elf and also Me! is nice short, clocking in at about three hours, I have to say I enjoyed my time through it. The story is really basic, yet the girls do it yes, really interesting and fun to read. The personality designs are optimal notch and also the H scenes have some great writing. There space mosaics below which is kinda a bummer, since I think this game would it is in much much better without them. Hope Cherry Kiss deserve to convince the developers to enable them to eliminate this; the would improve the high quality greatly. I need to say because that its short price of $11.99, if she a pan of this genre you’ll find a lot to love here. It doesn’t go out of its way to it is in different, but it does what you would certainly expect and does it well.

Game listed by the publisher because that review.

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