Specificity way an practice program should have end goals the target specific areas.

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Which the the following ideal describes cardiovascular fitness?

A. The capability of the body to do lengthy work

B. The ability of the human body to transport oxygenated blood efficiently

C. The capacity of the human body to quickly melted fat

D. The ability of the body to convert sugar into energy


Which of the adhering to is the best reason to remainder muscle groups in between workouts?

A. It permits the muscles to store much more energy.

B. It enables you to focus on other muscle groups.

C. It enables the muscle time to heal.

D. It allows the muscle to effectively overload.


Which of the following is NOT an example of one anaerobic exercise?

A. Sprinting

B. Jumping rope

C. Push-ups

D. None of the above


What result does enhanced blood flow have ~ above the body as soon as performing exercises?

A. Delivers much more sugar to organs

B. Delivers more energy to muscles

C. Delivers an ext oxygen to the body

D. Delivers more protein to muscles


Anaerobic and also aerobic exercises are crucial in arising cardiorespiratory fitness.


Anaerobic exercise does not need the human body to use any kind of extra oxygen.


What’s the very first step one should take once determining the quantity of overload to incorporate in an exercise program?

A. Consulting the web for practice plans

B. Asking around at a regional gym

C. Assessing your existing level that fitness

D. Questioning a health-conscious friend


Plyometrics can aid a human being maintain cardiorespiratory fitness.

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The muscular and also cardiovascular systems have the right to both be overloaded throughout exercise.


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