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An organization"s goals and objectives are identified by its ________.

information solution service processes competitive strategy brand image

Which succession of occasions undertaken through a company is correct?

. Create business procedure develop compete strategy identify value chain examine sector structure architecture information system

. Architecture information system build value chains develop business process examine sector structure construct competitive strategy

. Create business procedure design info system examine sector structure develop competitive strategy recognize value chains

. Examine industry structure develop competitive strategy identify value chains create business procedure design information system

examine industry structure

develop competitive strategy

determine worth chains

create business process

design information system

The hazard of brand-new entrants is lowest for ________.

. Beauty salons

. Gas stations

. Zoos

. Chiropractors


Which the the adhering to represents the strongest pressure of risk of substitution?

. Receiving the present flu vaccine

. Choosing a rental auto at the airport

. Purchase a wheelchair-accessible door for her business

. Arranging a family members reunion in ~ a surrounding water park

selecting a rental automobile at the airport

Which of the following situations represents a strong bargaining strength of suppliers?

. A winter coat outlet at the beginning of spring

. Strawberry growers adhering to an unexpected frost

. Jewelry store liquidation following the decision to close the business

. Apartment price in a saturation rental market

strawberry growers adhering to an unexpected frost

Paul wants to start a landscaping business. An example of a differentiation strategy that might try is ________.

. Proclaiming nationwide in a selection of gardening magazines

. Using only trees and also grasses that are normally pest resistant

. Providing discounts come repeat customers

. Marketing at prices similar to large home-improvement garden centers

using only trees and also grasses that are normally pest resistant

By selecting a(n) ________, an company responds to the framework of that industry.

. Brand image

. Compete strategy

. Proclaiming policy

. Business procedure

competitive strategy
Maria opened a shop the sells high-end handmade children"s clothes produced from neighborhood wool and also cotton. Her competitive strategy deserve to be finest described as offering a ________. Low-cost product across the industry distinctive product across the sector low-cost product within an market segment distinct product in ~ an market segment
distinctive product in ~ an industry segment
The worth of the outputs minus the price is well-known as the ________.output resourcesinputsmargin resource flow
follow to Porter, ________ is the lot of money that a client is willing to pay because that a resource, product, or service.markup pricepemiumvalue

The difference between the value that an task generates and the price of the activity is the ________.

. Margin

. Break-even point

. Revenue

. Value-addition


A ________ is a network the value-creating activities.

. Value pyramid

. Value chain

. Worth network

. Value device

worth chain

Interactions across value activities are called ________.

. Relationships

. Cross processes

. Linkages

. Transformational philosophies


By make it complicated or expensive because that customers to move to an additional product, organizations have the right to lock customers in. This is called creating high ________.

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. Transition barriers

. Product loyalty

. Worth differentiation

. Convert costs

switching prices

One method that organizations deserve to lock in providers is through ________.

making it straightforward to work-related with the organization

. Staying clear of other organizations from working with their suppliers

. Increasing investments in their supply chain

. Do it too expensive for them to work with other organizations

make it basic to occupational with the company

Families who enroll their youngsters at the KinderCare daycare center are compelled to pay a fee amounting to the first year"s tuition at the moment they make reservation a location for their child. If they decide not to use the placement, the fee will certainly not be refunded. By law this, which competitive strategy is KinderCare implementing?

. Separating the product

. Boosting the product

. Locking in customer

. Developing entry barriers

locking in client

Which that the following is a method to develop a competitive advantage through changing products or services?

. Locking in customers

. Establishing alliances

. Producing entry barriers

. Distinguishing products

differentiating commodities

Organizational strategy begins with an evaluate of the _________.

. Business goals and also objectives

. Organization processes the the organization

. Business hierarchy

. Fundamental characteristics of competitors in the industry

organizational goals and also objectives

Porter"s five forces design states that the intensity of the competitive pressures determines the ________ that the industry.

. Customers, suppliers, and competition

. Segmentation, competition, and profitability

. Danger of substitutions, hazard of new entrants, and rivalry

. Characteristics, sustainability, and also profitability

characteristics, sustainability, and profitability

The owner the Harriet"s Hair Studio is hoping to boost customer loyalty by offering free hair trims in between customer hair coloring appointments. Which of the 5 forces in Porter"s version is Harriet addressing?

. The risk of rivalry

. The bargaining strength of suppliers

. The bargaining power of customers

. The risk of substitution

the threat of rivalry
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