IntroDaughter or granddaughter of the king Cyaxares, and the wife of Nebuchadnezzar II

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Amuhia, Amuhia of Media
Birth630BC, Media
Spouse:Nebuchadnezzar II

Amuhia or Amytis of Media (c. 630–565 BC) was the daughter or granddaughter of the Typical king Cyaxares, and the wife of Nebuchadnezzar II.


Amytis was either born to Cyaxares and also his wife, or to Cyaxares's son, Astyperiods, and daughter-in-legislation, Aryenis. In either situation, it is believed she was conceived out of wedlock.

Amytis married Nebuchadnezzar to formalize the alliance in between the Babylonian and Median empires.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Tradition relates that Amytis' yearning for the forested hills of the Average Realm caused the building and construction of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, as Nebuchadnezzar attempted to please her by planting the trees and plants of her homeland. Historical evidence, but, does not lend support to this legacy.


The Typical and also Persian female name Amytis, attested only in the Greek create A´mytis, which possibly might reflect (via vowel metathesis) an Old Persian *Umati- (tantamount to Avestan humaiti), "having great thought".

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