In October of 1958, the Catholic people of the Dayton area pledged $4,953,050 to defray the cost of building Catholic High Schools in the Dayton area. One of the schools built with the contributions was Archbishop Alter High School in Kettering. The Most Reverend Paul F. Leibold, then Auxiliary Bishop of Cincinnati, laid the cornerstone.

At the request of the people of Dayton, this fifth Catholic high school was named after the fifth ordinary of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, the Most Reverend Karl J. Alter. The Archbishop was appointed Bishop of Toledo and consecrated on June 17, 1931. In 1950 he was appointed to the See of Cincinnati and served until his retirement in 1969. He died in August, 1977.

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Reverend Edward F. Haskamp was appointed the first principal on January 3, 1962. Sister Eleanor Marie Salm, SC, was the first vice principal. Father Haskamp and five Sisters of Charity supervised the final stages of the construction of the school and Alter opened its doors for the first class of freshmen on September 5, 1962. Archbishop Karl J. Alter formally dedicated the school on September 30.

Thanks to the commitment and generosity of those who believed in Alter High School fifty years ago, over 10,000 young men and women have taken their places in this world with all the confidence and character needed to fulfill the life God intended for each of them.

Since that first day, we have been sustained by the same spirit that built Alter High, a spirit found in people who have faith in our mission and choose to give back to a place that has special meaning to them.

Alma Mater

Facing life with valor like the Knights of old,

We promise always great ideals to hold,

With our eyes on Heaven, sword of Faith in hand,

The future face and with grace

Take our stand.

Hear our pledge of fealty to You

As we ask Your strength to see us through.

High in Hope and Spirit

We will “Do or Die”

For our King and Alter High.
Lyrics by Sister Eugene Fox, S.C.Music by Sister Loretto Burke, S.C.

The Archbishop Alter High School Coat of Arms is divided into four sections.

In the upper left section, the plow of the Roman farmer Cincinnatus symbolizes the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. This symbol identifies Alter High School as an integral part of the Archdiocese.
In the upper right section, a bee, taken from the coat of arms of the Alter family represents the Most Reverend Karl J. Alter.
In the lower right section, three crescents taken from the coat of arms of the Seton family represent the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati.
In the lower left section, the gauntlet of a knight in armor clutching the oak leaf symbolizes the strength and vitality of an Alter Knight.

Fight Song

Watch the Knights ride into the frayShouting, cheering, we’re on our way;Banners flying, bravely and boldWe’re rooting for the Brown and Gold.

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Strong in purpose, hearts all aglowAlter High will conquer the foeOvercome all odds against usTake up every challenge!

“Loyalty to Brown and Gold” is our battle cry.Strike the shield, roar VICTORY!For dear old Alter High.