All the things You are (Jerome Kern) is among the most generally played jazz standards and is frequently one the the an initial tunes referred to as at a jazz jam session. Because of the tune’s popularity, countless guitarists find out to play every The things You room at a reasonably early stage in their development. What most guitarists failure to realize is that the item actually has a fairly intricate harmonic structure that have the right to pose quite a few problems because that the start improviser or comper.

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By understanding the relationship in between each ar of the tune, and the chords within those sections, friend can develop a better appreciation because that the as whole formation the the harmony, i m sorry will enable you to far better navigate the changes in both a solo and chordal fashion.


Key center BreakdownSoloing Tips


All The things You space – Charlie Parker Intro

Charlie Parker – every the things You are Transcribed Solo


All The points You space – crucial Center Breakdown

All the things You space can be divided into 4 sections, through the very first two being sub-sections that one larger section:

A Section

The an initial section the the tune has bars 1 to 8 and is labeling A.

A’ Section

This is complied with by one more eight-bar expression that we will label A’. The ‘ prize is supplied to differentiate this section from the first, as they space both very similar, however as you will see, they room in various keys.

These first two part can likewise be assumed of together the an initial “half” that the tune. In classical music, they would be dubbed the exposition.

B Section

The 3rd section includes bars 17 to 24 and also will be labeled B. The B section is the “contrasting” section as it uses various keys and also a different melody line 보다 the various other three sections.

In classic music, this ar would be referred to as the development section.

A” Section

The last ar of the song is comparable to the first, though just a little bit different, for this reason we will label it A’’.

This ar is provided to “wrap” increase the very first two sections by restating the melody heat in bars 25 v 29, prior to presenting new material the leads come the final cadence in bars thirty-three v thirty-five. In timeless music, this ar would be dubbed the recapitulation.


A section – Bars 1 come 8

There are two key centers uncovered within the very first eight bars that the tune, abdominal muscle and C:

There are two vital centers uncovered within the an initial eight bars the the tune, abdominal and C:

The first five bars includes a 6-2-5-1-4 development in the key of Ab.This is complied with by a 2-5-1 progression in the key of C.

Even though this chords room in two various keys, the fact that they space a half-step apart renders for a smooth modulation.


A’ ar – Bars 9 come 16

The next eight bars have actually a similar key structure as the very first eight, though this time the two secrets being supplied are Eb and G:

The first five bars that this ar is a 6-2-5-1-4 development in the key the Eb.This is followed by a 2-5-1 progression in the key of G to end up the section. This is the same chord development we experienced in the first eight bars, only now it has actually been transposed down by the term of a perfect fourth.

Thinking the the second eight bars as a transposed version of the very first eight will allow you to develop motivic concepts over the an initial half of the tune. Anything you play over the first eight bars have the right to be played end the second eight bars, simply a fourth lower, or a fifth greater depending on how you desire to think around it.

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See the examples listed below for a sample of exactly how this could be done. Notice how the fingering and also the intervals room the same in between the two lines, the 2nd motive has just been relocated up the neck come fit the new an essential center.