T or FSelf-imposed budgets all set by lower-level supervisors should be scrutinized by greater levels that management.

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T or FThe simple idea underlying responsibility bookkeeping is the each manager must be organized responsible for the as whole profit that the agency to ensure the all supervisors are exhilaration together
Which that the complying with represents the typical sequence in which the listed below budgets room prepared? A. Sales Budget, Budgeted Balance Sheet, Budgeted income Statement B. Budgeted Balance Sheet, Sales Budget, Budgeted revenue Statement C. Sales Budget, Budgeted revenue Statement, Budgeted Balance paper D. Budgeted earnings Statement, Sales Budget, Budgeted Balance Sheet
Which of the adhering to is not an target of the budgeting process? A. To connect management"s plans transparent the whole organization. B. To administer a means of allocating sources to those parts of the company where they have the right to be used most effectively. C. Come ensure that the company continues come grow. D. To i found it potential bottlenecks prior to they occur.
The budget an approach that maintains a continuous twelve-month to plan horizon by including a new month on the end as the current month is perfect is called: A. An operation budget. B. A capital budget. C. A continuous budget. D. A master budget.
All the adhering to are considered to be benefits of participative budgeting, other than for: A. Individuals at all business levels are recognized as being part of a team; this outcomes in higher support for the organization. B. The budget plan estimates are all set by those in directly associated in activities. C. When managers set their very own targets for the budget, top management need not be involved with the in its entirety profitability the operations. D. Managers are hosted responsible for reaching their goals and also cannot easily shift responsibility by blaming unrealistic goals collection by others.
When prepare a manufacturing budget, the required production equals: A. Budgeted sales + beginning inventory + wanted ending inventory. B. Budgeted sales - start inventory + wanted ending inventory. C. Budgeted sales - beginning inventory - wanted ending inventory. D. Budgeted sales + beginning inventory - wanted ending inventory.
The straight labor spending plan is based on: A. The wanted ending list of finished goods. B. The beginning inventory of finished goods. C. The required production for the period. D. The required materials purchases for the period.
Trumbull coporation, group budgeted sales ~ above account of $120,000 for July, $211,000 because that August, and $198,000 because that September. Experience shows that nobody of the sales top top account will be collected in the month the the sale, 60% will be collected the month after ~ the sale, 36% in the second month, and 4% will certainly be uncollectible. The cash receipts from accounts receivable that must be budgeted for September would certainly be: A. $169,800 B. $147,960 C. $197,880 D. $194,760
Davey copy, group is preparing its production Overhead budget for the fourth quarter the the year. The budgeted variable manufacturing overhead price is $3.00 per direct labor-hour; the budgeted fixed manufacturing overhead is $66,000 per month, of i m sorry $10,000 is factory depreciation.If the budgeted direct labor time because that November is 9,000 hours, then the full budgeted cash disbursements for production overhead for November have to be: A. $56,000 B. $83,000 C. $37,000 D. $93,000
T or FComparing a static planning budget to actual prices is a an excellent way to evaluate whether variable costs are under control.
T or FFixed costs should be included in a flexible budget plan even despite they carry out not change when the level of task changes.
T or FA flexible budget plan can be used to estimate what revenues and also costs should have actually been, offered the actual level of activity for the period.
A significant weakness of flexible budgets is that: A. They space valid for only a solitary level the activity.B. They overlook fixed costs.C. They to compare actual prices at one level of task to budgeted costs at a different level the activity.D. Nobody of this is a major weakness of functional budgets.
A revolution planning budget plan is: A. A budget for a solitary level of activity.B. A budget that ignores inflation.C. Supplied only for solved costs.D. Provided when the mix of commodities does no change.
Which of the complying with comparisons best isolates the impact that changes in operating performance have on performance? A. Static planning budget and also flexible budgetB. Revolution planning budget and also actual resultsC. Versatile budget and also actual resultsD. Grasp budget and static plan budget
The variance the is commonly most useful in assessing the power of the purchasing room manager is: A. The products quantity variance.B. The products price variance.C. The labor price variance.D. The labor effectiveness variance.

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Which of the complying with would develop a labor rate variance? A. Bad quality materials causing breakage and also work interruptions. B. Use of persons with high hourly wage rates in jobs that speak to for short hourly wage rates. C. Excessive number of hours worked in completing a job. D. Negative variable overhead rate variance.
Ohme Framing"s cost formula because that its supplies cost is $1,620 per month to add $13 per frame. Because that the month the April, the agency planned for activity of 882 frames, however the yes, really level of task was 878 frames. The really supplies expense for the month was $13,500. The supplies price in the flexible spending plan for April would be closest to: A. $13,086 B. $13,500 C. $13,034 D. $13,027
Towne eye Removal"s expense formula because that its car operating cost is $1,470 per month to add $399 every snow-day. Because that the month of November, the agency planned for task of 13 snow-days, however the actual level of task was 9 snow-days. The actual vehicle operating price for the month was $5,230. The vehicle operating cost in the flexible budget plan for November would certainly be closest to: A. $6,657 B. $5,230 C. $4,609 D. $5,061