51. All that the following are examples of intentional food additive except A. solanine.B. nitrates.C. sucralose.D. lecithin.

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52. Which of the complying with can be uncovered in raw egg whites? A. AvidinB. DioxinC. Oxalic acidD. Saponins



53. Which that the complying with naturally arising substances boundaries the absorb of calcium and iron? A. Oxalic AcidB. AvidinC. SolanineD. Safrole



54. When bacteria, such as Salmonella, produce their disease-causing effects by directly assaulting the minister tract, this is referred to as a foodborne _______________. A. infectionB. intoxicationC. syndromeD. influenza



55. Toxin-producing bacteria, such together Clostridium botulinum, that finish up in food reason a disorder called a foodborne _______________. A. infectionB. intoxicationC. influenzaD. syndrome



56. If friend buy food in a have the right to that is bulging or spurts liquid, the food is most likely to contain toxins created by a form of bacterium called _______________. A. SalmonellaB. Clostridium perfringensC. Clostridium botulinumD. Staphylococcus aureus



57. If you have just sliced life poultry on your cutting board, there is an raised probability the _______________ bacteria will certainly be present. Therefore, if the plank is not thoroughly washed, the bacteria deserve to cross-contaminate various other food comes in call with the board. A.  Salmonella

B.  Staphylococcus aureus

C.  Clostridium botulinum

D.  E. Coli




58. Ground pork have to be cooked to an internal temperature that _______________ levels F to damage the parasite Trichinella spiralis. A. 145?F (63?C)B. 160?F (71?C)C. 165?F (74?C)D. 170?F (77?C)



59. Raw meats, poultry, and also eggs are often contaminated v _______________, i beg your pardon can reason fatal infections in immunocompromised populations. A. SalmonellaB. Staphylococcus aureusC. E. ColiD. Clostridium botulinum



60. _______________, i m sorry causes ab pain and diarrhea, multiplies quickly in prepared foods (e.g., beef, poultry, and gravy) left in ~ room temperature for prolonged periods the time. A.  Clostridium botulinum

B.  Clostridium perfringens

C.  E. Coli

D.  Salmonella




61. The _______________ bacter can reason a possibly fatal foodborne illness.  Home canned foodstuffs often space culprits the this intoxication. A.  Staphylococcus aureus

B.  Clostridium botulinum

C.  E. Coli

D. Norovirus



62. A common reason of foodborne condition that outcomes from sneezing or coughing end food is A. Salmonella.B. Clostridium perfringens.C. Staphylococcus aureus.D. Campylobacter jejuni.



63. To avoid Salmonella contamination A. store chicken in ~ 40? F or below.B. cook chicken to at least 140? F.C. cook chicken thawed in a microwave oven best away.D. refrigerate or frozen leftovers within six hours of cooking.



64. The best way to avoid the foodborne illness E. Coli (Escherichia coli) is to A. cook all meat thoroughly.B. substitute p sprouts because that washed lettuce.C. wash your hands often.D. wear a hair network while cooking.

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65. James operates a food service establishment. He must make certain his employee practice every one of the adhering to rules to prevent foodborne condition except A. serving meals made with raw fish.B. cooking chicken come 165?F.C. cooling leftovers swiftly in shallow pans.D. avoiding coughing and sneezing end foods.