All pull on Up and also Nowhere to go Meaning

Definition: come be completely prepared for an occasion or a project that falls short to materialize.

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This expression appears in numerous variations, such as all dressed up and also no ar to go, all dressed up through nowhere to go, and also all pull up with no ar to go

It have the right to be supplied literally, as in someone acquiring dressed up for a day that doesn’t show. Or, it can be supplied figuratively. Because that example, a sales person may gear up for a significant presentation the is canceled.

Origin that All dressed Up and also Nowhere come Go

Little is well-known of the origin of this phrase. The Oxford dictionary of American Quotations features it, together a quotation at least, to reporter William Allen White in the year 1916.

White was a prominent journalist in Kansas and across the joined States. A Pulitzer prize winner, owner that The Emporia Gazette, and also anti-Klan campaigner, White released histories, biographies, poetry, and fiction.

White thusly defined the U.S. Progressive Party, ~ its 1912 candidate, Theodore Roosevelt, endorsed Republican candidate Charles Evans Hughes in 1916 as, “all dressed increase in your fighting clothes, through nowhere to go.” through Roosevelt’s departure from the party, the had little left.

We know, however, that the expression was used before 1916. In 1913, Benjamin Hapgood Burt and Silvio Hein composed a song titled, “When you’re every dressed up and no place to go” for the 1913 play “The beauty, beauty Shop.”

There are apparently tombstones indigenous the 1800s that bear this phrase as well, sometimes humorously.

One such tombstone in Thermon, Maryland reads,

Here lies an atheist. All dressed up and also no place to go.

There might be even earlier references come this phrase, but it daunting to uncover reliable sources.

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Examples the All pull Up and also Nowhere to walk

Considering the 2016 Presidential election, one might say, “The Clinton Democrats discovered themselves all dressed up and also nowhere come go.”After the meant NFL Superbowl winner was defeated by one point, “Their fans to be left all dressed up and nowhere to go.”

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An American cliché with no clean origin, all pull up and nowhere come go defines the disappointed in being totally attired or ready for an important or vital event that does no happen.