nation music legend Alan Jackson broke some heal hearts once he released his ballad “I’ll go On love You” ago in 1998 as the lead solitary off his album High Mileage. The track with rich, guitar-based instrumentals with a note of percussion peaked at No. 3 in the united States, and No. 2 in Canada.

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Alan Jackson’s more Sensual Performances Of all Time

Written by Kieran Kane, “I’ll walk on love You” is a romantic, music expression of Alan Jackson’s never-ending love for a woman and also his guarantees that he will be faithful, “long ~ the pleasures the the flesh.”

“When ns look into your soft environment-friendly eyes, when I check out your breakable body revealed to me as you on slide off her dress – I’m reminded that what i feel because that you will certainly remain strong and true, long after the pleasures that the flesh. And I’ll walk on loving you,” the song begins. The guy in the track intends to still love his woman even after any type of intimate moments between them, contradicting the assumed that he is just lusting after ~ the woman.

Indeed, “I’ll walk On loving You” was among Jackson’s more sensual performances of all time – a small bit of a stretch native the usual type of material that that was well-known for. Alanna Nash of entertain Weekly even once explained the standard song as “the frankest therapy of lust on country radio,” “a colossal embarrassment,” and “a memorable romantic declaration.”

Another element of this song that collection it apart was once Jackson started the monitor reciting the verses rather of to sing them. And also much come everyone’s surprise, an even bigger step exterior his country borders was a second, Portuguese version of the track, “Vou Seguir te Amando,” v música sertaneja artist Leonardo that Leandro e Leonardo in 1999.

Its distinct Music video clip Made The tune Even more Special

The music video for “I’ll go On loving You” made the song even much more special. Command by Steven Goldmann, the brief clip to be filmed in sepia tone. It featured assorted underwater to dance shots adhered to by miscellaneous shots the Jackson and a string tape performing the song during a water ballet performance. Jackson climate disappeared in the end.

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“I’ll walk On love You” is certainly a timeless tune you’d desire you to enjoy! examine out Alan Jackson’s emotional performance below.