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Born:April 13, 1946 (age 75)Forrest CityArkansas...(Show more)Awards and also Honors:Grammy compensation (2008)Rock and Roll hall of Fame and also Museum (1995)Grammy award (1994)Grammy award (1989)Grammy award (1987)Grammy compensation (1986)Grammy compensation (1984)Grammy award (1983)Grammy compensation (1982)Grammy award (1981)...(Show more)

Al Green, byname of Albert Greene, (born April 13, 1946, Forrest City, Arkansas, U.S.), American singer-songwriter who was the most popular performer of soul music in the 1970s. By additional transforming the vital relationship in soul music between the sacred and the secular, Green followed the musical and spiritual path of his best inspiration, Sam Cooke. At the height of Green’s advertising success, however, that sacrificed his fame in order to fully dedicate self to his spiritual faith.

In 1964, ~ his household moved from Arkansas to Michigan, Green and some friends developed the Creations and also toured the chitlin circuit (venues the catered to afri American audiences) in the South prior to renaming themselves Al Green and also the soul Mates 3 years later. They developed their own record label, publication the single “Back increase Train,” which appreciated moderate success on the rhythm-and-blues charts in 1968. The watershed moment for environment-friendly came in Texas in 1968 once he met Willie Mitchell, a previous bandleader who served as cook producer and also vice president of Hi records in Memphis, Tennessee. Obscurity to be threatening to end Green’s fledgling career, yet with Mitchell’s assist he became a star in short order. After ~ releasing a cover version of the Beatles’ “I desire to hold Your Hand” in 1969, which exhibited his awe-inspiring vocal agility, green recorded a fine work again, please again of the Temptations’ “I Can’t get Next come You,” and it reached number one top top the spirit charts in 1971. However it was “Tired of gift Alone” (1971), created by Green, that suggested his especially potential. That sold much more than a million copies, preparing the means for “Let’s continue to be Together,” the title monitor from Green’s an initial gold album.

“Let’s stay Together” to be his biggest hit, getting to number one ~ above both the rhythm-and-blues and also pop charts in 1972. Composed by Green, Mitchell, and also Al Jackson, the drummer for Booker T. And also the MG’s, the tune reflected Mitchell’s music vision. In comparison through the grittier sound that Memphis neighbour Stax/Volt Records, Green’s recordings v Mitchell available a sophisticated and softened melody cradled by a distinctive base sound. Green ceded gospel intensity, effortlessly soaring to the highest falsetto or plunging right into a husky groan cloaked in hushed sensuality. Native the soft “I’m quiet in Love with You” (1972) and also “Call Me (Come earlier Home)” (1973) come the earthy “Love and also Happiness” (1973) and “Here i Am (Come and Take Me)” (1973), Green and also Mitchell knowledgeable a string of hits through the early 1970s.

In the mid-1970s Green ended up being a minister, creating his very own church. Through 1980 that had dedicated himself fully to his ministry and to gospel music. Later on in that decade he cautiously reemerged native his spiritual seclusion and also resumed performances the his most commemorated works alongside his famous gospel recordings, number of of which winner Grammy Awards in the spirit gospel category. After a commercially disappointing comeback effort in 1995, green came close come recapturing his trademark 1970s sound ~ above I can not Stop (2003), i beg your pardon he followed with Everything’s OK (2005). Environment-friendly won a brand-new generation that fans through Lay it Down (2008), special guest vocals through neo-soul artists man Legend, Anthony Hamilton, and also Corinne Bailey Rae; the album earned him a pair the Grammy Awards. In 2018 he exit a brand-new single for the first time in virtually 10 years, a sheathe of “Before the following Teardrop Falls.”


Green, Al
Al Green, 2006.

Green was the recipient of countless honours. He was inducted into the Rock and also Roll room of call in 1995 and was given a Grammy Award because that lifetime accomplishment in 2002. In 2014 he obtained a Kennedy center Honor.

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