Pueraria mirifica is a plant that grows in Thailand and also other parts of south east Asia. It’s likewise known as Kwao Krua.

For end 100 years, the root of Pueraria mirifica have actually been used in timeless Thai medication to encourage youthfulness and also rejuvenation in both men and women (1).

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Certain tree compounds recognized as phytoestrogens make up the primary active components of Pueraria mirifica. They mimic the hormone estrogen in your body (1).

Due to its strong estrogenic effect, Pueraria mirifica is sold as an natural supplement — generally used come treat symptoms of menopause, despite research argues that the plant may offer other health benefits as well.

Here are 7 arising health benefits of Pueraria mirifica.

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1. Relieves Menopausal Symptoms
Estrogen is a steroid hormone involved in plenty of of your body’s functions. In women, among its major roles is the development of sexual characteristics and also regulation of mood and also the menstrual cycle (2).

As women age, the manufacturing of estrogen decreases, i m sorry may lead to uncomfortable physics symptoms.

Phytoestrogens room plant compounds that mimic the habits of estrogen. As Pueraria mirifica is wealthy in phytoestrogens, it’s frequently used to relax symptoms of menopause (1).

Small human being studies have demonstrated far-reaching improvements in assorted menopausal symptom — such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, irritability, and also irregular or absent periods — after ~ treatment through Kwao Krua (3, 4, 5) .

However, a 2018 review found that existing data ~ above the efficacy that the herb for these purposes was largely inconclusive as result of a absence of standardization that the supplement and overall poor study designs (6).

At this point, much more well-designed studies are needed to recognize if Pueraria mirifica is a safe and effective therapy for symptoms of menopause.

Summary Several tiny studies have shown Pueraria mirifica to it is in an reliable treatment for menopausal symptoms, yet many the the study designs carry significant flaws, limiting the reliability of your results.

Pueraria mirifica may be an reliable topical therapy for fostering the wellness of quality tissue and treating quality dryness.

One 28-day research in postmenopausal chimpanzees evaluated the performance of a gel containing 1% Kwao Krua on quality tissue. The topically used gel considerably improved the tissue’s health, pH, and skin ton (7).

Similarly, a current 12-week study in 71 postmenopausal women with various uncomfortable quality symptoms evaluated the efficacy the a Kwao Krua cream compared to a conventional estrogen cream (8).

The Kwao Krua cream substantially improved symptoms of vaginal irritation and dryness. Nonetheless, the study concluded that the estrogen cream was much more effective overall (8).

Though these results are promising, much more research is required to understand exactly how the plant might be provided to assistance vaginal health and whether its benefits are far better than other conventional treatments.

Summary part animal and human studies have actually resulted in renovations in miscellaneous vaginal symptoms with topical use of Pueraria mirifica. An ext research is essential to evaluate even if it is it’s an ext beneficial than standard treatments.

An inadequate supply the estrogen have the right to lead come bone lose — i m sorry is a major health issue for menopausal and also postmenopausal ladies (9).

Early-stage pet research says that supplementing with Pueraria mirifica may improve bone health as result of its estrogen-like compounds.

A examine in estrogen-deficient mice evaluated the impact of Pueraria mirifica on preventing osteoporosis. Outcomes revealed much better preservation the bone mineral density in details bones that the mice that received the greatest doses that the plant complement (10).

Another research assessed the effect of oral Kwao Krua supplements on bone density and also quality in postmenopausal chimpanzees over 16 month (11).

Results indicated that the Kwao Krua group an ext effectively kept bone density and also quality compared to the manage group (11).

Both the these pet studies imply that Kwao Krua may play a duty in preventing osteoporosis. However, additional research is necessary to recognize if comparable results could occur in humans.

Summary pet studies imply that supplementing through Pueraria mirifica may prevent bone loss in estrogen-deficient animals. Much more research is necessary to evaluate whether the very same results might occur in humans.

Antioxidants are chemical link that reduce levels the stress and oxidative damage within your body, which might otherwise reason disease.

Some test-tube research suggests that Pueraria mirifica may have antioxidant properties (12).

Phytoestrogen compounds uncovered in the plant might play a role in increasing and also improving the role of details antioxidants discovered within your body.

One study in estrogen-deficient mice contrasted the effect of Pueraria mirifica extract and also synthetic estrogen additional on antioxidant concentration in the liver and uterus (13).

Results revealed that the mouse who got Pueraria mirifica experienced far-reaching increases in antioxidant levels, conversely, no significant changes were observed in the mice who received the artificial estrogen (13).

Ultimately, more research is necessary to recognize whether Kwao Krua is efficient for reduce oxidative stress and also potentially preventing disease in humans.

Summary Some pet research suggests that compounds in Pueraria mirifica may enhance antioxidant level in the body, although this is yet to be evidenced in human studies.

Another feasible health benefit of Pueraria mirifica is that potential to slow-moving the growth of cancer cells and tumors.

Some test-tube studies suggest that the plant and its phytoestrogen compounds may inhibit the expansion of numerous breast cancer cell lines (14, 15).

Moreover, a study uncovered a cancer-protective impact in mouse after supplementing v a certain compound derived from Kwao Krua known as miroestrol (16).

Though these outcomes are promising, it’s tho too early to make critical claims about the function of this plant complement in cancer prevention in humans. An ext research is needed.

Summary part test-tube and also animal research says that compounds current in Pueraria mirifica may prevent the growth of certain types of cancerous cells. However, human being studies are necessary to check these effects.

Pueraria mirifica may also benefit your heart wellness — especially because heart health and wellness may be influenced by diminished estrogen levels during and after menopause.

Estrogen is connected in the metabolism of fats and also sugars within her body. Diminished estrogen levels have the right to negatively influence components that impact your love health, such as greater cholesterol, boosted inflammation, and also weight obtain (17).

One 90-day research in rabbits with low estrogen manufacturing on the impact of Pueraria mirifica ~ above artery role found the the supplement significantly improved blood ship function, compared to the regulate group (18).

The tree may also improve love health because of its potential impacts on cholesterol levels.

HDL — or “good” cholesterol — plays a function in keeping your arteries free from plaque. Thus, greater levels that this type of cholesterol promote love health.

Conversely, having greater levels the “bad” LDL cholesterol is connected with a greater risk of heart disease. Therefore, lower levels the this compound space favorable.

A 2-month study in 19 postmenopausal females concluded that taking Pueraria mirifica supplements enhanced HDL cholesterol by 34% and reduced LDL cholesterol by 17% (19).

These studies point to a feasible heart-protective result of Pueraria mirifica in particular populations. In ~ this point, larger person studies are needed to attract conclusions concerning the specific function the tree supplement may play in preventing heart disease.

Summary part animal and also human studies show that Pueraria mirifica may improve cholesterol profiles and also blood ship function. More research is essential to recognize the precise benefits the the plant for staying clear of heart disease.

Estrogen plays vital role in keeping a healthy brain and nervous device (20).

Some research argues that estrogenic compounds current in Kwao Krua may protect versus the damage to your brain and nervous device that may take place as a an outcome of reduced estrogen levels.

In one study, estrogen-deficient mice to be treated v a compound derived from Kwao Krua referred to as miroestrol. The mice given miroestrol competent a significant reduction in mental decrease and oxidative stress and anxiety within the brain tissue (21).

A separate study also saw a protective impact on the brain cells the mice with estrogen-related mental deficits that were treated v a Kwao Krua extract (22).

Though it seems that Pueraria mirifica may have actually the potential to protect the worried system, research trying out its role on mind health in people is currently lacking.

Summary Some pet research argues a protective duty of Pueraria mirifica on nervous organization of the brain. Before definitive conclusions can be drawn, human being research is needed.

The pool of data ~ above Pueraria mirifica is reasonably small which provides it challenging to pinpoint an ideal dosage or fully assess the supplement for potential risks.

Most research has displayed that doses of 25–100 mg seem safe v no apparent adverse reactions report (23).

In fact, very few negative side effects have been recorded at all, but that doesn’t median that acquisition the complement is risk-free.

Pueraria mirifica is often marketed as a “safer” different to standard hormone replacement therapies — i m sorry are well-known to come with serious side effects, consisting of increased hazard of cancer, blood clots, love attacks, and stroke (24).

Still, part experts think that the plant supplement may have the exact same estrogenic stamin as conventional hormonal therapies. Thus, you have to be mindful if you choose to take it it.

Always consult through your health care provider before taking any type of herbal supplement to act a clinical condition.

Summary many research suggests that taking 25–100 mg doses of Pueraria mirifica is safe. Few adverse reactions have actually been reported so far, yet data is limited.

Pueraria mirifica — or Kwao Krua — has long been provided as a rejuvenation therapy in timeless Thai medication practices.

It’s well-off in phytoestrogens, plant compounds well-known for having strong estrogen-like effects.

Pueraria mirifica is generally used as a complement to treat conditions associated with short estrogen levels — especially related to menopause in women.

Research top top this organic supplement is limited. Thus, not much is known around its safety, though just a couple of negative results have been reported.

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Exercise caution and be certain to speak to your healthcare provider before adding Pueraria mirifica to your health and also wellness routine.