The level of freedom is high, an abilities are diverse, level and status have actually no upper limit.

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If ns reincarnate into such a world, I desire to perform things that were impossible in the game, is the sort of story this is.

Game Sekai ni Tenseishitara status Hikitsuideiruyoudesu,Game civilization Reincarnation,ゲーム世界に転生したらステータス引き継いでいる様です
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Born come a house where women were just seen as devices to bear children, ns was currently in my twenties. I was stand on the crossroads that life.

At my fingertips were close to fifty photos of various men. They to be the marital relationship partner candidates mine father had actually prepared.

Those who took the initiative and volunteered since they want his company, and those that were encourage to combine our ties with other companies. Over there were miscellaneous reasons, however I was to marry one, and build increase a child.

That was my factor for presence in this house.

I nothing think I can love another.

I wonder just how everyone believes in something therefore shapeless together love. The was just a marvel to me.

That ns couldn’t carry out something any kind of standard person might must be due to the fact that I to be a human being who was never ever properly loved.

I put a break on the many unanswered questions I held due to the fact that my birth, and stared under at the photos approximately me.

That I made decision him was truly a coincidence.

Drama, Romance, part of Life

A game To make Him Fall

Laden was the PVP Emperor the the virtual reality video game ‘Fantasia.’

He was defeated and passed over.

Now after ~ 5 years, that is return to the new game ‘Valhalla!’

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-fi
Wooden Horse, 목마

Return the Godly Control
Ch.2 Pt.5
Ch.2 Pt.4
Ch.2 Pt.3

Ye Shu transmigrated right into the book he had just read and also became the first cannon fodder minister who was brought down by the tyrannic masculine lead; by the death of a thousands cuts and the likes. Ye Shu resolutely pack up and also decided come abscond prior to this can happen. ~ above the road, emotion that he had actually been poisoned, the accosted someone because that help.

Who would have actually expected that he would wake up the following day through the tyrant smiling beside him. “Did girlfriend sleep well?”

Ye Shu, “……” To save his life, Ye Shu was forced to get in the palace as a consort, and also henceforth, lived a harsh life of gift ordered and squeezed through the tyrant. As soon as the tyrant criticize the booklet1, that refilled his tea and ground much more ink.

When the tyrant ate, he experiment his key for concealed drugs.

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When the tyrant retired for the night, the was also responsible because that warming his bed. That wasn’t until his belly started to flourish that Ye Shu noticed that the book he had transmigrated into seemed to be a little bit buggy……

This f*cking human being was in reality an ABO.

He hadn’t to be poisoned before… the was his first differentiation into ending up being a Kunjun! Tyrant, “Qianjun’s request. It’s about time, mine beloved consort……”

Ye Shu slammed the bedchamber’s door in front of the tyrant. “Heh, not a chance.”