Doctors After hours Urgent treatment – Lakeview

101 W Robert E. Lee Blvd Suite 100, brand-new Orleans, LA 70124

(504) 288-3456

Hours:Mon-Fri: 9 to be – 8 PMSat-Sun: 9 to be – 6 PM

Your Lakeview Urgent treatment Clinic

Lakeview residents: obtain the right care for your non-life threatening conditions, to add on-site rap testing and also x-rays at doctors After hrs in Lakeview. We’re located on the corner of Robert E. Lee BLVD and Lakeshore DR.; seconds away native Russel’s Marina Grill, climbed Manor Bed & Breakfast Inn and also Backyard Living.

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We’re also within walking street of the West Lake coast Shopping Center. By being conveniently located roughly other stores and restaurants, she able come visit our Lakeview urgent care clinic, receive the treatment you need, and also get on v your day.


Please fill the end ALL paperwork and also bring together with you for her visit. **(even if you web checkin)ALL paperwork must BE COMPLETED before your visit through us.​

Check-In Online

Preparing for Your very first Visit to Our Lakeview Urgent treatment Clinic

PLEASE NOTE: every patients under the period of 18 should be accompanied by one adult or legit guardian.

When friend visit the doctors After hours clinic, you re welcome be ready to carry out or present the following information/documents. This info is essential to expedite her registration and also to help us in understanding the urgency of your visit. Say thanks to you for picking Doctors After hrs for your healthcare needs.​​

Whether you have been a patient before
Patient and also policy holder name, social defense number, date of birth, resolve and phone call number
Picture ID
Current insurance allowance card
her co-payment or deductible amount, if applicable, is early out at the time of service
Your primary treatment physician’s name
List that your existing medications
To expedite your registration process, you may print the VISIT prep FORM, fill print the information (IN ALL funding LETTERS), and bring it through you as soon as you visit physicians After Hours.

publish VISIT prep FORM

Frequently inquiry Questions
What type of services execute you market at Lakeview immediate Care?

At our Lakeview urgent care clinic, us treat a wide variety of non-life threatening problems including:

FeverHeadachesSore throatsNauseaCoughUTIsCuts and also stitchesAnd more!

We also offer on-site lab testing and x-rays.

How lot is a visit to medical professionals After Hours?

We expropriate most major insurance plans. If girlfriend don’t have actually insurance, we have affordable self-pay choices as well. This allows everyone to get the care they need, no issue if you absence insurance or are on a strictly budget.

Can ns walk-in or do I must make one appointment?

We pride ourselves on giving quick treatment for our patients. You have the right to walk-in come our Lakeview urgent treatment location and also be checked out within minutes OR schedule an appointment virtual to expedite the process.


Doctor’s After hrs is an urgent care near me that offers high quality,quick solutions at an affordable price. Gain seen by among our doctorstoday.

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Monday – Friday: 9am – 8pmSaturday & Sunday: 9am – 6pmOPEN 7 work A WEEK, including HOLIDAYS

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