In our latest question and also answer, the pharmacist discusses what to execute if you accidentally take 2 birth manage pills in sooner or later.

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sam asked

I accidentally took two pills in at some point. I thought I missed a pill but in fact I did not and also now I am intended to take my last active pill tonight yet I execute not have it. what carry out I do?


Taking 2 birth manage pills by accident is a fairly common mistake and is easy to rectify. When this does take place, be sure to gain ideal earlier on schedule and take your following pill, the following day, as scheduled (also though you are currently at some point ahead).

When you take an additional birth control pill, it is essential to be aware that you maysuffer side results from the added dose of hormones, such as:

NauseaSpottingCorrecting Days After Taking Two Pills At Once

When you accidentally take two birth control pills in the very same day, you will be one pill "short" at the end of your fill.

The simplest remedy to this instance is to simply take a replacement dose from an additional, or "spare" pack of birth manage pills. However, this isn"t constantly an choice as many kind of people don"t have actually an additional pack to take a replacement dose from.

You might potentially go to your pharmacy to see if your insurance will pay for an extra fill of birth regulate pills, but the majority of likely you will certainly have to pay out of pocket as the insurance company might check out the fill as "as well soon". Additionally, you can reach out to your physician to watch if they have "samples" or other referrals to rearea your lacking dose.

If you are unable to take a replacement pill, you will then be finishing your birth control load someday sooner than usual, and therefore, starting your next fill sooner or later sooner than usual.

When beginning your following load after absent the last day of your last load, it is notrecommended to "miss" your initially dose in order to begin your fill on your usual day. This ca rise your hazard of pregnancy.

However before, some individuals will execute this and if you select this course, be certain to adhering to directions for "What To Do When You Miss Pills" in the package insert of your birth regulate pill product for missing pills in the initially week.

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If you can not take a birth control pill to relocation your missing last day, you may suffer menses, spotting or bleeding previously than usual, considering that you are finishing your pills someday sooner. Your cycle have to return to normal after 1 to 2 cycles of constant birth manage pill use.

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Lastly, the majority of sources state that missing your last dose of energetic pills does notincrease the hazard of pregnancy, however this might vary by birth regulate pill product. Nonetheless, to be on the safe side, you might desire to use back-up contraception for your placebo week and also 7 consecutive days of active pills when you begin your pack aobtain.