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In 2010, there were around 250 million registered vehicles top top U.S. Highways.

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<1> most of this vehicles have engines that use oil-based fuel, such as gasoline or diesel. Even hybrid-electric cars usage gasoline to power their internal burning engines, although castle use less fuel than traditional automobiles.<2>

The use of oil-based fuels has actually both economic and also environmental impacts. Both consumers and also businesses are affected by fluctuations in oil prices. Fuel prices have been trending upward, through the annual average price the a gallon that gas boosting by around 170 percent between 2002 and also 2012.<3> and also vehicles it is provided by oil-based fuels relax emissions that room harmful to the environment, consisting of greenhouse gases (GHGs).

Consequently, the nation"s scientists and engineers have sought methods to develop alternative fuels, such together biofuels. Biofuels are defined as fuels written of or created from organic raw materials.<4> Biofuels deserve to reduce the usage of oil-based fuels and can be much more environmentally friendly. The biofuels industry gives career avenues for a huge array of workers, who perform such work as developing biofuel technologies, growing crops, and also processing and also selling the fuels.

This report provides information top top careers in biofuels. The an initial section explains the manufacture of biofuels and the factors for expected growth in the industry. The remainder that the report specifies vital occupations in the biofuels industry. The info for each occupation consists of a short job description; the credentials necessary to job-related in these occupations, such together education, training, certification or licensure; and wage data.

What space biofuels?

Biofuels are developed from biomass, which are materials derived from a life or freshly living organism, consisting of plants, grains, vegetables oils, and animal-based oils. These varieties of materials are typically referred to together feedstocks.

First-generation biofuels room made from biomass such together sugars and also starches—materials the are frequently a food resource for civilization or animals. Second-generation biofuels, known as cellulosic biofuels, are made from nonfood materials. Cellulosic biofuels space not yet widely available.

Most liquid transportation biofuels are classified together either ethanol or biodiesel. Currently, most ethanol ~ above the commercial industry is produced from starches, most frequently corn; biodiesel is acquired from tree oils, frequently soybean oil, or from pet fat or recycled greases.

From feedstock to fuel

Although manufacturing processes have the right to vary by manufacturer, plenty of manufacturers usage a production procedure known as a sugar pathway to produce ethanol. The process is comprised of two key stages: hydrolysis and also fermentation. During hydrolysis, a chemical is offered to breakdown the feedstock into sugar. Yeast or bacteria are introduced throughout the fermentation procedure to consume the sugar. The calculation of that process is climate distilled in stimulate to separate the ethanol from any type of waste product. Lastly, the ethanol is dehydrated, developing the ethanol in its purest form.

Biodiesel is produced through a chemical process called transesterfication, in which oil or fat feedstocks are merged with alcohol and also a catalyst, leading to a reaction that enables the glycerin to it is in separated indigenous the oil. Alternatively, some companies may pick a production process known together a thermochemical pathway, which supplies high temperatures to convert biomass right into ethanol or biodiesel.

Biofuel as an different fuel

Biofuel proponents think that these different fuels offer a variety of economic and environmental services over classic oil-based fuels.

Because biofuels are derived largely indigenous plants, these fuels are a renewable resource that deserve to be replenished naturally with the i of time, uneven crude oil. They can be created in the united States, i m sorry reduces our dependence on foreign oil and also helps come shield American consumer from fluctuating an international oil prices.


Moreover, advocates assert that biofuels might offer an environmentally friendly alternative for fueling ours nation. Depending on which feedstocks are used and how they space converted, biofuels may produce fewer greenhouse gases (GHGs) than oil-based fuels.

But biofuels have critics as well. The carbon affect from biofuels greatly depends top top how plants are cultivated and how fuels are produced. Part argue that the carbon impact from developing biofuels is no far better than that from oil-based fuels. Further, part critics case that biofuel manufacturing may result in much more GHGs released into the environment, depending upon the manufacturing method.

In addition, over there is a conflict over the use of details feedstocks, generally referred to as the food-versus-fuel debate. Enemies of biofuels argue the making fuel making use of feedstocks that traditionally have one more purpose, such as corn, straight impacts the it is provided of that chop in the food chain. This detractors argue that land is being used for growing fuel feedstocks, fairly than because that feeding people or livestock. This additional resource of need can journey up price for that crop.<5>

Cellulosic biofuels

Cellulosic biofuels space made from a wide range of nonfood biomass, together as wood chips, farming and municipal waste, or perennial grasses. Due to the fact that they room made native nonfood feedstocks, they execute not directly complete with crops used for food. Scientists and researchers room working come develop added feedstocks that might be supplied to do biofuels, along with production processes that space safe for the environment and also affordable ~ above a big scale.

Cellulosic biofuels might be much better for the setting than first-generation biofuels. A 2009 examine by researchers from the facility for Transportation study at the Argonne nationwide Laboratory, the room of Energy, and Purdue University compared GHG emissions from manufacturing of cellulosic ethanol and of corn ethanol. The study discovered that cellulosic ethanol production resulted in a palliation in GHG emissions through an approximated 77 percent to 107 percent as contrasted with gasoline; corn ethanol production resulted in a 24-percent emissions reduction as contrasted with gasoline.<6>

Although cellulosic biofuels may offer a systems to many of the criticisms of first-generation biofuels, an ext research and development is needed before cellulosic biofuels room made widely accessible to the public. Production of cellulosic biofuels is still an extremely expensive compared with the price of making timeless gasoline or plenty of of the first-generation biofuels.

Government initiatives

As the biofuels industry proceeds to grow, Congress has passed legislations to carry out funding for research study and advancement of alternate fuels, and also government agencies have established finest practices for implementing usage of together fuels. The eco-friendly Protection company (EPA) has applied mandates for how much renewable fuel must be mixed with fossil fuels.<7> The Renewable Fuel conventional (RFS) mandate to be passed in 2005. And also in 2007, an broadened mandate, well-known as RFS2, was passed to incorporate cellulosic biofuels. Both mandates have actually helped come increase demand for biofuels, through 13.9 billion gallons that ethanol and also 967 million gallons of biodiesel developed in 2011, increase from 3.4 billion gallons the ethanol and 28 million of biodiesel in 2004, the year prior to the mandate was an initial passed. (See charts 1 and 2.)



In enhancement to the RFS mandates, the military is working to exploit the power of biofuels. The room of Defense has collection a score of obtaining 25 percent that its energy from different sources through 2025. To do so, the waiting Force, Army, and Navy space investing in the breakthrough of alternative fuels.<8.>


To satisfy the requirements collection by the RFS2 mandate, an ext cellulosic biofuels should be produced, the fuels must be sold at a price that is competitive with traditional gasoline, and also the fuels must be widely obtainable to consumers.

As an innovation continues come improve and cellulosic biofuels deserve to be do in larger quantities, an ext biorefineries will certainly be essential to create the fuels because that commercial use. Together of June 2012, 212 biorefineries producing ethanol were active or under construction, and more than 150 tree were developing biodiesel. (See maps 1 and 2.) The vast bulk of this plants are creating first-generation biofuels.

More and more processing plants are working to create cellulosic biofuels in ~ an affordable cost, however these fuels are not yet ready to be sold commercially. Some improvements to framework must it is in made prior to there can be large commercial usage of cellulosic biofuels.




First, there needs to it is in a greater number of cars top top U.S. Roadways that can run on greater blends the ethanol. Many cars ~ above the roadway today have the right to run on gasoline that consists of up to 10 percent ethanol. This form of gas is generally known together E10, and it is the most typical gasoline sold today. The EPA freshly approved the usage of E15, a gasoline that has up come 15 percent ethanol, for model year 2001 and also newer vehicles.<9>

Flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) are vehicles that have the right to run on fuel blends containing approximately 85 percent ethanol, E85. According to the energy Information Administration, there were much more than 8 million FFVs on the roadway in 2010.<10> That figure may climb as the need for fuel-efficient vehicles grows. A customer Reports study discovered a “growing willingness that shoppers come consider alternate powertrain technologies, especially E85 ethanol.”<11>

As an ext consumers look into cars that can run on higher blends that biofuels, more gas station will need to be able to supply these fuels. As of December 2012, just 11 percent of retail gas stations that offered different fuels in the joined States readily available E85 fuel.<12>

Flex fuel pumps, likewise called blender pumps, are gas pumps that draw from much more than one fuel tank. They permit a terminal to carry an ext than one type of mixed fuel. Blender pumps must be included to an ext stations for higher blends the ethanol gas to be accessible on a large scale. The department of power estimates the 60,000 sleeve outlets will certainly be required to sell every one of the ethanol propose by the RFS mandate, and 90–110 million FFVs will must be on the road.<13>

Biodiesel is easily accessible at a restricted number of sleeve locations. Follow to the room of Energy, there to be 696 retail fuel locations in the joined States giving biodiesel in December 2012.<14> as with ethanol, blender pumps capable of offering assorted biodiesel blends will should be added to more stations for biodiesel come be offered on a larger scale.

Biofuels occupations

The biofuels sector employs a wide variety of employees in a variety of occupations. Scientists and also engineers command research and also development; building workers construct plants and update infrastructure; farming workers grow and harvest feedstocks; plant workers procedure feedstocks right into fuel; and sales workers sell the biofuels.

The bureau of labor Statistics (juniorg8.com) does not have actually data details to biofuels. However, juniorg8.com does have actually information on green jobs from its green Goods and also Services (GGS) survey. As the surname suggests, GGS work are those connected with developing green products or providing green services. The GGS survey uncovered that, in 2010, personal sector employment because that GGS jobs in the straightforward chemical manufacturing sector was 11,970.<15> The basic chemical manufacturing industry contains the produce of biofuels; however, the GGS figure consists of all jobs in the basic chemical manufacturing sector that accomplish the eco-friendly jobs definition, not simply those in biofuels.

There are workers in other sectors that help to lug biofuels to market, too. Because that example, scientists and engineers who work-related on biofuels are frequently employed through scientific research and development or design services firms, so they are contained in data for those industries.

A 2012 research by the Renewable fuel Association uncovered that ethanol production supported 401,600 tasks in 2011.<16> A nationwide Biodiesel plank study discovered that the production of 1 exchange rate gallons that biodiesel supports 39,027 jobs.<17>

Following are descriptions of several of the most common jobs in the biofuels industry, along with information ~ above the duties connected with the jobs and also the credentials necessary to achieve a job in the field. Wage data also are included in the occupation descriptions. Although juniorg8.com go not have wage data especially for occupations in the biofuels industry, juniorg8.com does have wage data for the simple chemical production industry, which consists of production of chemistry from organic life materials. Wage data carry out not encompass benefits or various other compensation.

Occupations in clinical research

Scientists occupational to find the best, most cost-effective means of turning feedstocks into fuel. They command experiments, paper their results, and also maintain various instruments in a laboratory setting. Scientists and researchers regularly work because that a wide range of organizations, such together colleges, private and also nonprofit companies, and also government agencies. Scientists usually work in offices or laboratories, though some might work in a manufacturing plant.

Biochemists and also biophysicists examine the chemical and physical values of living things and also biological processes. Those who work in different fuels might research various technologies that deserve to be offered to failure feedstocks right into fuel.


Chemical or laboratory technicians use special instruments and also techniques to assist scientists and also engineers in researching, developing, and producing chemical products and processes. They conduct research, check for top quality control, and perform analyses based upon their experiments. Technicians may blend various chemicals for processing or to test the high quality of a batch that fuel.

Chemists study the properties, structures, compositions, and also reactions the matter. They study assorted chemical processes that can be used to an ext efficiently produce biofuels. Chemists blend various compounds to see what inputs yield the ideal quality blends of fuel in ~ a reasonable cost. Based on their findings, they develop new protocols because that blending fuel to ensure high quality control.

Microbiologists study the growth, structure, development, and also characteristics of microscope organisms, such as bacteria, algae, or tree cells. They might use their understanding of various forms of bacteria to boost the fermentation procedure used to make ethanol or to develop new ways the cultivating algae to usage as a feedstock.

Soil and plant scientists conduct study on soil, crops, and also other farming products come find brand-new and boosted ways to use various agricultural products for fuel. A tree scientist might test several types of perennial grasses to check out which have the right to be most efficiently broken down into straightforward sugars. Tree scientists additionally work come improve chop yields through using approaches that might enhance feedstock manufacturing efforts.


Most scientist positions require a bachelor"s degree from a regimen that contains both coursework and also laboratory hours. A scientist that is top a research study team or conducting live independence research might need a master"s or doctoral degree to carry out so. Biochemists and also biophysicists frequently need a doctoral degree to get in the occupation. It is typical for researchers to seek a committed degree in a subfield, such as bacteriology or toxicology.

Although some lab technician jobs generally require one associate"s level or 2 years of postsecondary training, a bachelor"s degree in science is occasionally preferred. Technician jobs typically require some laboratory experience and a solid background in math and science.

Analytical an abilities are necessary for those conducting experiments and also determining result or a reasonable way to continue an experiment. Scientists and technicians also need oral and also written communication skills because they often work as part of a team and also must effectively connect the outcomes of their analysis to others. In addition, scientists and also technicians need to be detail-oriented when conducting experiments and recording data.


juniorg8.com at this time does not have wage data details to the biofuels industry. However, juniorg8.com does have wage data because that the straightforward chemical manufacturing industry group; the following table mirrors wages because that selected science occupations in the industry team for may 2011. The wages presented are median yearly wages for the United claims as a whole; wages differ by employer and also location.

  Selected science occupations Median yearly wages, may 2011(1)

Biochemists and also biophysicists

Chemical technicians



Soil and plant scientists(2)


Footnotes: (1) job-related Employment Statistics data are obtainable at www.juniorg8.com/oes. The data do not incorporate benefits. (2) fairy data for soil and also plant researchers are not accessible for the simple chemical manufacturing market group. The data here represent salaries for the occupation as a whole.

Occupations in engineering

Engineers use clinical and technical research to develop commercial applications and economic solutions. Castle design and also test miscellaneous products and also machinery. In the biofuels industry, plenty of engineers are involved in lot of the same work-related as scientists, assessing both existing and also potential feedstocks, and examining which sources administer the best energy at a reasonable cost. However, they additionally may work-related on handling facility design and also be acquainted with commercial equipment.

Engineers build project plans and establish budgets. At processing plants, engineers work to ensure quality control and also a steady flow of materials. They likewise ensure the federal, state, and local safety regulations are met and company standard operating measures are followed.

Agricultural engineers apply technical advances to farming. These designers are professionals in farming and horticulture, and also they study existing and also potential feedstocks to identify which plants can be finest used to produce fuel. Lock must consider the finest time the year for assorted feedstocks to it is in grown and also the best location to maintain them, and the waste assets that will be generated in their production. Farming engineers likewise may design processing plants and other structures associated in storing and also processing feedstocks.

Chemical engineers apply the values of chemistry, biology, and physics to fix problems. They style plant equipment and establish various processes and protocols for production biofuels as well as the chemicals the are used to convert raw materials right into fuel.

Some chemical designers receive extr training or education to end up being biochemical engineers. In addition to the straightforward chemical design principles, biochemical designers have detailed knowledge of organic systems, such together the manufacturing of specific products making use of enzymes or microorganisms. Chemical engineers and also biochemical engineers often occupational together in a biofuel production facility. For instance, biochemical designers develop and implement a fermentation procedure for manufacturing of ethanol indigenous sugars, and also chemical engineers distill and also purify the compound.

Civil engineers design and supervise the building and construction of biofuel handling plants. When designing a plant, they think about a number of factors, including costs, federal government regulations, potential environmental hazards, and also proximity to feedstocks. They may need come retrofit an present petroleum plant or transform a biofuel plant so the it can process additional species of feedstocks.

Electrical engineers research, design, develop, or supervise the manufacturing and installation of electric equipment, components, or systems for commercial, industrial, or clinical use. In ~ a biofuel plant, electrical engineers might work with assorted motors, strength generation equipment, lighting, or any type of electrical controls for industrial devices that are essential for the tree to run.

Environmental engineers use the values of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry to build solutions to environmental problems. They job-related to improve waste treatments and water systems, and also to uncover ways to limit emissions native fuel processing. Because that instance, an eco-friendly engineer might work to minimization the herbal gases that space released while burning products at a plant, thereby avoiding or to reduce the degradation of the environment or neighborhood soil and also water systems.

Industrial engineers find ways to get rid of wastefulness in production processes. They may work to recognize the many efficient method to use workers, machines, materials, information, and also energy to do biofuels utilizing a given feedstock or chemical process.

Mechanical engineers research, design, develop, build, and also test mechanically devices, consisting of tools, engines, and also machines supplied in a handling plant. They also may oversee installation, maintenance, and also repair that equipment. Mechanical designers often provide a setup for the layout of tools at a brand-new plant, or they provide suggested plans for implementing brand-new equipment. For instance, a mechanically engineer may work on emerging precursor devices that can begin the procedure of breaking feedstocks down right into sugar before they are transported to a handling plant.


Engineering jobs generally require a bachelor"s level in a related design field. However, part jobs, particularly those affiliated in research study and advance or those at the managerial level might require progressed degrees or work-related experience. Many engineer jobs also require a expert engineer (PE) license, which needs a degree, work experience, and also passing created exams. Civil designers who practice direct control of a project or those who supervise other designers must have actually a license.

Engineers must enjoy problem solving because they should constantly watch for brand-new and enhanced ways to construct a product or process. Communication an abilities are also an essential for engineers due to the fact that they have to be may be to plainly explain their instructions to manufacturing staff to stop costly mistakes.


juniorg8.com at this time does not have actually wage data details to the biofuels industry. However, juniorg8.com does have actually wage data for the basic chemical manufacturing sector group; the following table shows wages for selected engineering occupations in the industry group for might 2011. The wages displayed are median yearly wages because that the United states as a whole; wages differ by employer and location.

  Selected design occupations Median annual wages, might 2011(1)

Agricultural engineers(2)

Chemical engineers

Civil engineers

Electrical engineers

Environmental engineers

Industrial engineers

Mechanical engineers


Footnotes: (1) work-related Employment Statistics data are obtainable at www.juniorg8.com/oes. The data do not incorporate benefits. (2) wage data for agricultural engineers are not accessible for the straightforward chemical manufacturing market group. The data here represent wages for the occupation together a whole.

Occupations in construction

Construction workers build the handling plants wherein biofuels room made. Much of the future building and construction needs from the biofuels sector will be thrust by cellulosic technology, using nonfood biomass to develop biofuels. The advances in processing extr feedstocks have produced demand for handling plants that can convert multiple plants into fuel. Building and construction workers are also needed to convert existing facilities at gas station so that they can support greater blends of fuel. There may also be career avenues in the design and also construction of feedstock pre-processing framework to condense biomass feedstocks prior to transportation come fuel manufacturing plants.

Construction managers plan, coordinate, budget, and also supervise building and construction projects from early advance to completion. Lock oversee brand-new construction the biofuel and feedstock handling plants and also the retrofitting of existing plants. Building managers work with assorted specialists, such together architects and also engineers, to acquire the plant constructed on time and also within a budget.

Construction laborers perform jobs that require physical labor on construction sites, many of which space physically demanding. Lock build new biofuel plants and also convert existing tree so that they can also produce fuel making use of cellulosic feedstocks. And also as an ext ethanol blend fuels room made available, these workers will build brand-new tanks to hold them or install blender pumps to existing tanks.

Construction devices operators drive, maneuver, or manage the hefty machinery supplied in construction. They run various species of equipment, such together bulldozers, forklifts, and cranes. They use these makers to construct processing plants and to install brand-new fuel tanks in ~ gas stations.


Most building and construction managers have a bachelor"s level in building science, building and construction management, architecture, or engineering. However, a mix of job-related experience and an associate"s level may accomplish the qualifications of some employers. Supervisors must have actually time-management an abilities and decision-making an abilities to ensure that each task affiliated in a job is assigned come the suitable party and also that each job is completed on time.


Most job hiring building laborers perform not have actually a formal education and learning requirement. The bulk of laborers discover their an abilities through on-the-job-training, one of two people informally or v an apprenticeship program. Construction workers must have strength and stamina for lifting heavy objects and also performing various other strenuous jobs throughout the day.

Construction tools operators may discover the an abilities needed because that their task through on-the-job training, one apprenticeship, or at a trade school. A high school diploma and a commercial driver"s license might be required. They need to have an excellent eye-hand-foot coordination due to the fact that they control an effective machinery.


juniorg8.com at this time does not have actually wage data specific to the biofuels industry. However, juniorg8.com does have actually wage data for the chemical manufacturing market group; the following table mirrors wages for selected building occupations in the industry group for might 2011. The wages presented are median yearly wages because that the United states as a whole; wages differ by employer and location.

  Selected building and construction occupations Median annual wages, might 2011(1)

Construction managers

Construction laborers(2)

Operating engineers and other building equipment operators


Footnotes: (1) job-related Employment Statistics data are available at www.juniorg8.com/oes. The data perform not include benefits. (2) wage data for building laborers are not obtainable for the chemical manufacturing market group. The data right here represent earnings for the occupation as a whole.

Occupations in agriculture

Farms are required to flourish corn, soybeans, and also the other feedstocks offered in make biofuels. These crops must it is in planted and cultivated prior to they space harvested and transported to serial elevators and also processing plants.

Farmers and also other farming managers, sometimes referred to as growers, run establishments that produce crops the are supplied to do fuel. They supervise work-related being done by laborers and make decisions about where and when to plant various crops. They oversee the day-to-day work of the farm or farming establishment.

Agricultural laborers keep the top quality of farms and also crops by doing hand-operated labor under the supervision of farming managers. They plant, cultivate, and harvest crops, i m sorry are offered as fuel feedstocks.

Agricultural devices operators run farm equipment, such together tractors and combines, come sow seeds, and also maintain and harvest crops.


Farmers and agricultural managers commonly need a high school diploma or equivalent, although some may have actually a level from an agricultural college. Prospective farmer and farming managers commonly train and also gain suffer under more experienced workers.

Those farmer and farming managers that don"t have any type of postsecondary education may take it a longer time to learn some facets of the job.

Most agricultural laborer and equipment operator positions carry out not have a formal education and learning requirement. Workers commonly learn v on-the-job training. It is crucial for these employees to have strength and stamina because the work can be physically demanding. Great hand-eye coordination is often needed to harvest crops and also operate farm yard machinery.


juniorg8.com currently does not have wage data certain to the biofuels industry. However, juniorg8.com does have environment-friendly goods and services (GGS) wage data because that occupations in farming production. The table that complies with shows GGS-OCC wages for selected farming occupations in November 2011, for establishments that receive every one of their revenue from eco-friendly goods and services. The wages displayed are GGS-OCC median yearly wages for the United states as a whole; wages differ by employer and location.

  Selected farming occupations Median annual wages, November 2011(1)

Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers

Farmworkers and laborers, crop, nursery, and greenhouse

Agricultural equipment operators


Footnotes: (1) environment-friendly goods and also services job data are obtainable at www.juniorg8.com/ggsocc. The data execute not incorporate benefits.

Occupations in plant operations

Managers and technicians at handling plants transform feedstock right into fuel through miscellaneous technologies. They perform a wide selection of tasks, from blending chemicals to operation industrial devices to testing fuel quality. Workers must follow a number of standard operation procedures and also abide by all safety and security protocols. Staff may keep documents or logs during each shift, noting any kind of plant activities and reporting any type of problems to supervisory staff.

Plant managers, also known as commercial production managers, run day-to-day operations in ~ the plant. Managers coordinate and plan the activities needed to develop biofuels. Lock supervise employee in completing their jobs and provide feedback top top employees" job performances. Lock ensure compliance through all federal, state, and also local laws and also safety requirements. Supervisors must be able to solve problems quickly, adjust procedures when worries arise, and maintain in-depth records on processing plant production.

Plant operators, also known together fuel makers, space chemical tools operators and tenders. They operate or tend devices that controls chemical alters or reaction in the processing of industrial or customer products.

In enhancement to operating industrial equipment, plant operators may also inspect tanks, clean pumps and other equipment, and also dispose of rubbish products. Part plant workers may conduct quality regulate checks, testing samples indigenous a batch of fuel. Others might be affiliated in shipping and also receiving materials at the plant. They need to follow all safety procedures, consisting of reporting any problems come supervisory staff.

Industrial machine mechanics test, maintain, and also repair tree equipment and other industrial machinery, such as conveying systems, production machinery, and packaging equipment. When malfunctions occur, they have to disable a piece of equipment, locate and fix the damaged piece, and reassemble the machine.


Plant manager positions regularly require a bachelor"s degree in a associated science, engineering, or organization administration. Numerous manager positions require in between 1 and also 5 year of job-related experience, when others might require approximately 10 year of connected experience. In addition, part employers want their supervisors to have previous endure as a supervisor. Most production supervisors must finish company-specific training. Many managers opt to earn various certifications to show a higher level that competency in their field.

Most plant operators require to have a high school diploma, and also many employers choose workers through a level from a university or vocational school. Countless employers value strong math and also science skills and related work experience. Center on-the-job training is necessary because of the complicated equipment and certain safety steps of every company.

Industrial machinery mechanics generally need at least a high institution diploma, though numerous employers favor to rental candidates who have completed postsecondary training in industrial technology. Mechanics who have not bring away postsecondary courses may need a year or an ext of on-the-job maintain to discover the crucial mechanical and also technical skills.

Most plant employees work-related in shifts, as plants operate approximately the clock. Castle usually need to wear security equipment, such together gloves or goggles. Occupational in a plant can be physically demanding because workers may need to lift heavy objects and also control large machinery. People working in a plant must complete training come learn every one of a company"s conventional operating and safety procedures.


juniorg8.com currently does not have actually wage data specific to the biofuels industry. However, juniorg8.com does have wage data because that the simple chemical manufacturing market group; the adhering to table shows wages for selected production occupations in the industry group for might 2011. The wages shown are median yearly wages for the United claims as a whole; wages vary by employer and also location.

  Selected production occupations Median annual wages, may 2011(1)

Industrial manufacturing managers

Chemical devices operators and tenders

Industrial machine mechanics


Footnotes: (1) job-related Employment Statistics data are easily accessible at www.juniorg8.com/oes. The data do not encompass benefits.

Occupations in sales

Once the biofuels have been produced, sales employees are required to save supply chain running. Sales workers establish contracts so that items can it is in bought and also sold, and they help to save biofuel production on schedule.

Purchasing agents to buy farm commodities for further processing or for resale. They evaluate suppliers, negotiate contracts, testimonial product quality, and also monitor inventories. To buy agents develop budgets based on when and also how much of a offered feedstock is necessary at a plant. They additionally establish contracts with suppliers, come ensure a steady circulation of a given feedstock is transported to the plant to keep production on schedule.

Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives offer goods—such together fuel, spin-offs from fuel production, or industrial equipment—for wholesalers or manufacturers to businesses, federal government agencies, and also other organizations. Lock ensure the there room customers come buy the fuel, negotiate prices of these sales, and also prepare contracts. They space often an extremely knowledgeable around the products that castle sell, yet they may likewise work through an engineer that has much more expertise.


Some to buy agent jobs may just require a high institution diploma. However, work at large commercial plants normally require a bachelor"s degree. Part positions, particularly those at the managerial level, might require advanced degrees. Degrees related come engineering, business, economics, or used sciences room preferred. On-the-job training might take as much as 1 year.

Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives normally need a bachelor"s degree, though part positions might only call for a high institution diploma. Many companies have on-the-job cultivate programs that a sales representative have to complete; these programs usually encompass time spent shadowing a more experienced employee as they complete day-to-day work. Sales representatives may also choose to knife a certification. The Certified skilled Manufacturers" Representative (CPMR) certification and the Certified Sales professional (CSP) certification are offered by the Manufacturers" Representatives education and learning Research Foundation.


juniorg8.com currently does not have actually wage data specific to the biofuels industry. However, juniorg8.com does have wage data for the basic chemical manufacturing market group. The complying with table shows wages for selected sales occupations in this industry group for may 2011. The wages displayed are median yearly wages because that the United states as a whole; wages vary by employer and also location.

  Selected sales job Median yearly wages, might 2011(1)

Buyers and purchasing agents, farm products

Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives, technical and scientific products


Footnotes: (1) occupational Employment Statistics data are obtainable at www.juniorg8.com/oes. The data carry out not incorporate benefits.


Americans continue to depend on cars because that their transportation needs, and biofuels offer a domestically produced alternate to petroleum-based fuels. A wide variety of employees are essential to research and also produce biofuels, making them critical aspect that the environment-friendly economy. V the government mandate put on impose the usage of alternate fuels, there will be ongoing demand to produce alternate fuels such together ethanol and also biodiesel native both traditional feedstocks and cellulosic feedstocks.

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Biofuel-related occupations call for a broad range of education and also experience levels. Although part occupations call for a bachelor"s or higher degree, over there are opportunities for those with much less than a college degree and for individuals with former related work experience.