As well as the nine Dreadnaught chests that require particular tricks prior to they"ll pop open up, tbelow are 2 chests aboard the ship that call for even more unorthodox techniques to unlock. You"ll uncover Calcified Fragments in both and some various other bits of loot.

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In the Mausoleum, head with the doormeans along the left wall that"s to the left of the pointed one.

You"ll pop out into a cave. If you stay in right here lengthy sufficient, you"ll come to be engulfed in a cloud of green tendrils. Wait for the notification that you"ve recorded the Scent of the Worm. You currently have one minute to reach the chest.

If you have a friend or two via you, obtain them to stand also on the invisible platdevelops that line the route, and also run ahead of you, so that you don"t have to waste priceless seconds whipping out your Gorganize to see them. If not, a practice run can be advantageous. Head to the appropriate side of the Mausoleum and follow the walkway to the circular platform at the end.

When you land, a couple of invincible Blind Thrall will certainly emerge from the pools right here, however as lengthy as carry the scent, they"ll ignore you.

The chest is at the much end to the left. It takes a while to open and also if you shed the scent while you"re waiting, it"s back to the stinky cave for you to wait for one more run at it.

Taken Consumption

Hang around the caverns near the Court of Oryx in the Hall of Souls till you hear the Hive praying, then begin killing them.

Pick off the Hive and Taken, and also soon after, a yellow miniboss will show up. Defeat him and also be sure to mop up any type of stragglers.

When the location has been cleared, a notice will tell you that a relic is being pulled from the void. The orb will certainly generate in the system over. There are a pair of them in the adjoining caverns, so if it"s not materialising in front of you, have actually a peep in the following cave over.

Pick up the orb and also make your means to the area of the Hall of Souls that leads to the Hull Breach, To the left of the major doormethod leaving the area, is a smaller door that you need to head with. There"s a timer on the orb however you should have plenty of time to make it to the chest.

This chest also takes a while to open up but as lengthy as you"re holding the relic, you"ll be fine. The alternate strategy to open up this chest is to usage a super just exterior and also run in to open up the chest. You"ll many likely die simply as it opens up, but you"ll still acquire the loot. Use either the Hunter"s Blade Dancer, the Warlock"s Sunsinger, or the Titan"s Ward Shield.

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Hidden Chests
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