Say it isn’t so! It’s time to bid farewell to Inverness as soon as and for all with the last-ever before episode of A Place to Call Home airing this Sunday October 21 (don’t problem, if you need to catch up – every seakid is available On Demand).

But what a sign-off seachild it’s been – tbelow have been some truly significant surprises and also shocks alengthy the method. Here are some of the best moments and storylines we’ve observed so far.

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The initially episode: A wedding and some sadnessThe seaboy began with bang with the minute we’ve been waiting for this entirety time! George (Brett Climo) and also Sarah (Marta Dusseldorp) were wed, and also organized a distinct celebration to declare their devotion to each other in front of their nearemainder and dearest at Ash Park, together with their boy David (Elliot Domoney). However before, simply when we were drying our eyes after crying via happiness, points took a terrible turn. Dawn (Clodagh Crowe) got in work early on, and despite Jack (Craig Hall) and also Henry’s (Tim Draxl) valiant initiatives, she and the baby both died throughout work. It was heart-wrenching, particularly seeing her husband also Roy (Frankie J Holden) go with such grief.

Matthew reflects his true coloursLike Oliusing (Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood), we’d been swept off our feet by Matthew (Conrad Coleby) the dashing long-shed son of Douglas Goddard (Robert Coleby) who arrived in town last season. However, when the problem of Olivia’s boy Georgie Bligh’s (Xavier Druery) true parentage came up, Matthew’s reactivity to what Oliby means of did many years before showed him to be a true bully, and also we didn’t prefer what we observed. Also: no one tells off Elizabeth (Noni Hazlehurst) and gets ameans with it on our watch!

Henry and also Harry’s romancePoor Henry not just had actually to address the return to town of the man he loved who abandoned him, James Bligh (David Berry), and the consequences of Dawn’s fatality, but a nasty auto accident thanks to a drunken Stan O’Rourke (Jack Ellis) left him unable to ever before run again. He was in a really low place, breaking down emotionally as he attempted to drive out of tvery own, yet luckily the plucky Harry (Dominic Allburn) was tbelow to sell a shoulder to cry on. Their burgeoning romance had actually us swooning.

Stan shoots at SarahAfter his wife Sheila (Nell Nakkan) ultimately had enough and left tvery own, Stan was not a happy camper at all, and he conserved his most vitriolic anger for Sarah, whom he held responsible for giving his wife the confidence to get ameans from him. It all came to a climax in episode 6 as soon as he heads to the women’s clinic and also fires a gun at Sarah, and also it was just bereason he had actually a stroke at that exceptionally minute that he missed. And while Sarah endured, it sent her right into a crushing spiral of doubt and also depression.

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Anna offers birth… in an orchard!Anna (Abby Earl) has actually been a truly independent woman this seakid – embracing her pregnancy and the prospect of being a solitary mom and refutilizing to marry Henry just for the sake of respectcapacity – also if it meant missing out on a Hollylumber deal for her books. However before, periodically her strong will has actually had unviewed aftermath. For example, her determicountry to have actually her baby at Inverness experienced her offering birth in an orcdifficult on the way! Hello, bit Elaine Elizabeth Bligh!

Carolyn’s kissCarolyn (Sara Wiseman) has been on a real journey this seakid – and also her desire to leave Inverness for the vivid life in the city not just took her amethod from her husband Jack, however put her directly in the path of her previous lover Delia (Maya Stange). She and Jack seemed to be obtaining even more and more estranged, and also this wasn’t aided by a stolen kiss between the two womales at a party – particularly through Jack witnessing it! Will their connection survive?

Elizabeth’s brand-new purposeWith Sarah currently in charge of Ash Park, Elizabeth has gone to a loose finish this seaboy. Desperately absent her dbeforehand departed husband Douglas, having fallen out through his boy Matthew, and having actually to challenge approximately some truths about the Bligh family, she’s had actually her foundations well and truly rocked. However before, she’s juniorg8.come through with a firm resolution – to turn the Goddard mansion she inherited from Douglas right into a maternity hospital to treatment for woguys in need.

So, how will it all conclude?We’re not offering any kind of spoilers – that would certainly ruin everything! Just make certain you tune in on Sunday October 21 to see exactly how, after six tremendous seasons, this beloved, award-winning Australian drama involves a close. With the show’s creator Bevan Lee always placing the characters initially, we just recognize that it will certainly be nothing if not an emotional, yet satisfying, conclusion. We’re tearing up already…