Final study guide Multiple ChoiceIdentify the an option that finest completes the declare or answers the question. __b__ 1. ____ errors room detected by a compiler.a. Logic c. Inputb. Syntax d. Process __d__ 2. ~ a programmer to plan the reasonable of a program, the next step is ____.a. Understanding the trouble c. Translating the programb. Trial and error the regime d. Coding the routine __a__ 3. The process of walking v a program’s logic on document before girlfriend actually write the routine is referred to as ____.a. Desk-checking c. Pseudocodingb. Flowcharting d. Testing __d__ 4. Typically, a programmer develops a program’s logic, write the code, and then ____ the program, which might generate a perform of syntax errors.a. Operation c. Executesb. Compiles d. Tests __c__ 5. A(n) ____ is a blog post that is presented on a monitor, questioning the user for a response.a. Command prompt c. Promptb. Input display d. Input data __d__ 6. A database stop a team of files, often dubbed ____, that with each other serve the information needs of an organization.a. Records c. Fieldsb. Characters d. Tables __a__ 7. The ____ is the traditional terminal symbol for a flowchart.a. One c. Diamondb. Lozenge d. Square __c__ 8. If a flowchart has actually six handling steps and a page offers room for only three, you can use a ____ to create the perfect flowchart.a. Decision prize c. Connectorb. Lozenge d. Terminator _d___ 9. The difficulty with the following statement is the ____.100 = gradea. 100 is not a reasonable gradeb. 100 need to be in quotesc. The data types don’t matchd. The value on the left should be a variable name __a__ 10. The major difference between the two key programming layouts in use today is the ____.a. Use of flowcharts matches pseudocodeb. Trial and error procedure supplied by the programmerc. Emphasis the programmer takes during the more quickly planning step of a projectd. Programming language supplied __b__ 11. The following pseudocode is an instance of a(n) ____ structure: if firstNumber is bigger 보다 secondNumber then print firstNumber else publish secondNumbera. Sequence c. Loopb. Decision d. Nested __d__ 12. To fill in the empty in the complying with pseudocode:if someCondition is true then perform oneProcess____ perform theOtherProcessa. Then c. Dob. When d. Rather _c___ 13. The adhering to pseudocode is an instance of a(n) ____ structure: acquire number while number is positive add to sum obtain numbera. Succession c. Loopb. Decision d. Nested __c__ 14. Another name for a loop structure is ____.a. Execution c. Iterationb. An option d. Case _b___ 15. The following pseudocode is an example of stepAdo stepBif conditionC is true then execute stepDelse do stepEendifwhile conditionF is true execute stepGendwhilea. Nesting c. Single alternative structuresb. Stacking d. A posttest _a___ 16. The following pseudocode is an instance of ____.if conditionA is true then do stepEelse perform stepB perform stepC do stepDendifa. Nesting c. A posttestb. Stacking d. A pretest __d__ 17. Year ago, programmers might avoid using framework by inserting a “____” statement right into their pseudocode.a. Loop c. Nextb. Go following d. Walk to __b__ 18. Structured programs can be easily broken down right into routines or ____ that can be assigned to any variety of programmers.a. Segment c. Unitsb. Modules d. Sequences __b__ 19. ____ is considered to be a convenience structure.a. If-then-else c. Caseb. When d. Sequence __c__ 20. In a situation structure, the term ____ means “if no one of the other cases were true.”a. Rather c. Defaultb. Then d. Loop __a__ 21. A situation structure deserve to be replaced by one or more ____ structures.a. If-then-else c. Do-untilb. Do-while d. While __d__ 22. In a ____ loop, the loop body proceeds to execute as long as the answer to the managing question is yes, or true.a. Do-then c. Do-untilb. Do-when d. Do-while __c__ 23. ____ is an example of a pretest loop.a. Do-while c. Whileb. Do-until d. Instance __d__ 24. People who use computer programs are called ____.a. Managers c. Stakeholdersb. Programmers d. End users __c__ 25. The ____ the documentation is frequently written first.a. Entry c. Interior programb. Output d. External program __a__ 26. ____ is the procedure of paying attention to crucial properties if ignoring nonessential details.a. Abstraction c. Reusabilityb. Modularization d. Direction _c___ 27. ____ is the function of programs the assures friend a module has actually been tested and proven to duty correctly.a. Modularization c. Reliabilityb. Abstraction d. Reusability _d___ 28. As soon as a regime or module uses another module, you can refer come the key program together the ____ program.a. Director c. Calledb. Calling d. Parent _a___ 29. The ____ statement is offered to suggest the finish of a module.a. Avoid c. Returnb. End d. Excellent _d___ 30. The name that is ideal suited to a module that calculates overtime pay is ____.a. CalcO() c. Calculate overtime()b. CO() d. CalculateOvertime() __b__ 31. The framework that is offered in a binary selection is ____.a. If-then c. Whileb. If-then-else d. Do-while __c__ 32. Boolean expressions are named after ____.a. Harold Boolean c. George Booleb. Henry Boole d. Gerhardt Boolean __a__ 33. In ____ the equal sign (=) is offered to express experimentation equivalency.a. VisualBasic c. C++b. Java d. C# __d__ 34. The pseudocode that produces the same an outcome as the complying with is ____.if customerAge >= 65 then discount = 0.10else discount = 0endifa. If customerAge > 65 climate discount = 0.10else discount = 0endifb. If customerAge 65 climate discount = 0else discount = 0.10endifd. If customerAge 1 climate discount = 0.50else discount = 0.25 endifb. If customerCode 64 climate price = discountPriceelse price = fullPriceendifb.

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If patronAge > 13 and patronAge 64 climate price = discountPriceelse price = fullPriceendifd. If patronAge > 13 OR patronAge