Sorry if this is a shit post, however is A day in the Life that a Tree anyone else’s favorite Beach guys song? ns love the melancholy vibe of the melody and also lyrics contrasting v the uplifting harmonies that come in approximately the finish of the song. It’s together a beautiful composition, one of the ideal that Brian has ever before come up with. I provided to be bothered through Rieley’s voice on the track and wished the Brian or Carl had actually taken the lead, yet now I view the beauty beauty in his raspy voice and how well it correlates to the as whole tone of the song. It almost brings me to tears every time ns listen to it.

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Does anyone rather love the song, or want to share their opinions ~ above why castle love your favorite Beach boys song?


Those last pair of song on Surfs Up are (in my opinion) the pinnacle of that era of The beach Boys.

I'm a sucker for melancholy songs, and also Till ns Die, Surfs Up, and also A day in the Life of a Tree screen so much emotion and also beauty.

I execute agree! This three songs blows mine mind. Ns love them and I love the 'darkness' in this compositions.

I don't know if it's just me, yet it sounds favor Brian's voice when he's older, favor in the so late '70s and later.

I'm glad Rieley sings lead on this one. Together weird together this sounds, he actually sounds choose an old tree creaking and groaning in the wind. The only Beach young that ns think could've recorded that feeling was Dennis.

That simply made me wonder, room there any takes with any of the BB's to sing the lead? I'd love come hear the males take a cracked at it...I may, for some crazy reason, prefer it over Rieley...

It’s a great album however I wish Al or Bruce had actually done the lead instead. Or perhaps Dennis. I hope they all took a cracked at it and also when they release the Surf’s increase Sessions, we get all the various versions.

One of mine favourites, just the way it swells towards the end with all the vocals coming in, and also the organ blaring. An extremely atmospheric.

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I love everything about it!

I love ideal at the start Reiley's voice cracks! ns love the ending of the track also! Al and also Van Dyke sound good on the ending too! That finishing is beautiful

I wasn't a pan the first few times ns heard it, however it's since done a complete 180 and me and also is certainly in the to run for my favourite track on Surf's Up some days. The song's horrible simple, with an strange concept, however they do it therefore well. "Oh Lord i lay me down /No life's left come be discovered / There's nothing left for me" always gets me, and also I agree, the harmonies in the last part of the track are the end of this world. So happy this track exists.