how deep is buried treasure minecraft

Minecraft, the game we all love therefore much, was released in late 2011. Arisen by Mojang Studios, this sandbox video game is still so lovable. Millions of people approximately the people still play and enjoy it. It was released for Windows, OS X, and also Linux, and has since been the frontrunner in that is genre. It also has number of spin-offs, namely Minecraft: Story Mode, Minecraft Earth, and Minecraft Dungeons.

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Buried Treasure first appeared in Minecraft upgrade 1.13. This update, called ‘The update Aquatic,’ functions many brand-new things including buried Treasure.

The hidden treasure is a brown chest the is buried deep underground. Containing prey items such as armor, tools, and precious jewels inside, the buried treasure can appear in any kind of biome. The buried treasure additionally has a love of the Sea. Save in mind the this is the only ar you can obtain a heart of the Sea various other than the an innovative mode perform or the commands.

Buried treasure deserve to be uncovered by following any type of Exploration Map. This have the right to be found in shipwrecks underneath or in various other Underwater Ruins.

However, that is quiet unknown regarding how deep the hidden treasure is buried. If you want to know, check out on to find out more.

How Deep is buried Treasure in Minecraft

If you want to know how deep the buried treasure is in Minecraft, you are in the appropriate place. While the exact locations of the hidden treasure vary, that is notable to recognize the most usual places. This can provide us an calculation of the most feasible location.

Some buried treasure chests are planted deep into the soil underneath. They could be 1 or 2 blocks under under. These room the easiest ones you can dig up and find. Some hidden treasure chests, however, room so deep down that it might take you hrs to find.

They can also be hidden 10 blocks underground. Some are 3 to 6 blocks underneath the ground, and some room not even underground! A the majority of users have discovered ‘buried’ sweetheart chests in caves, too. The is also important to note that not all maps cause the hidden treasure. Some likewise lead to other rare structures.

However, find a hidden treasure chest have the right to seem favor a daunting thing come do. If friend cannot uncover anything directly underneath the ‘X’ and also have been digging for hours, then it can be time to adjust up your approach.

You can start digging approximately the ‘X’, and not under it. Numerous gamers have found their buried treasure chests by doing this. Buried treasure chests have likewise been said to spawn under rocks.

It is likewise important to note that the ‘X’ does no indicate straight where the hidden treasure chest is. The ‘X’ is simply a basic marker that suggests that the buried treasure chest is what near. That is why it is important to destruction deeper and wider.

Some YouTubers have discovered the buried treasure chest come be around 40 blocks under in an underground cavern system. Gamers have likewise noticed that buried treasure chests never ever usually appear under a stone. They can show up under sand or gravel, though.

The generally welcomed idea seems to it is in that buried treasure chests can show up anywhere wherein there is no sunshine exposure. They have additionally been recognized to spawn in bizarre places such together homes.

Now the you know about the weird spawning actions of the buried treasure chest, you will certainly be better equipped to uncover it the next time girlfriend play. The only surefire an approach of obtaining to the buried treasure chest is together follows.

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Approach the ‘X’ indigenous the South. You have to be looking in ~ the ‘X’ v North centered.Keep going slightly forward until the white mite has virtually disappeared.There should now be just one pixel left the is visible under the ‘X’. That is her cue.Go straight underneath and get to digging. This will help you uncover your hidden treasure chest.


We currently hope the you room well-informed top top the whereabouts of the hidden treasure chest. Enjoy trying to find it now that you are mindful of many of the clues. Have actually a great time digging and also enjoying the loot native the hidden treasure chests!