A bulk of Sound turn off callers assistance the decision that a Brevard County principal to suspend 2 smooching fifth-graders for a day.

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There to be 699 reader who dubbed from beforehand Sunday to noon Monday in response to the question, "Should fifth-graders be suspended because that kissing at school?" of those, 424 supported the one-day, in-school suspension the the Atlantis Elementary college duo. There were 275 callers who disagreed.

"Public affection is in bad taste," follow to the college handbook, which states that students an initial will be warned and, if a second offense occurs, suspended.

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The students claimed they were never warned. The principal said the student weren"t given a second chance since they violated a second handbook taboo, "willful disobedience."

Concurring with the suspension to be Richard Witters, 56, of DeBary. "Children have to not it is in expelled or suspended because that kissing, however they must be suspended because that breaking the rules."

The issue was a matter of black and white for plenty of callers, together as mary Klusener, 39, that Orlando. "There shouldn"t be kissing at school, no matter what the age or the grade. Youngsters are at institution for learning, no kissing."

Robin Mallory, 28, that Kissimmee said, "I"m the mom of a fifth-grader. I would certainly freak out if I found that anybody at his institution was kissing in the hallway."

Echoing Mallory was Kathi McGee, 36, the Casselberry. "I wouldn"t want either that my children kissing in the hallway in ~ school. Suspension may seem drastic, but the point is, if you allow these children to gain off (without punishment), following thing, other youngsters will think kissing is condoned in ~ school. I never ever kissed a boy till I remained in junior high or high school. I agree through the one-day suspension 110 percent."

Cathy Moghadas, 40, that Winter Springs put it this way: "I agree through the suspension. The parents must be admonished because that going versus a school system that is trying come enforce a code of behavior and also ethics. The parents" actions demonstrates the the family members hasn"t teach their youngsters to have an individual accountability for their actions."

Not everyone witnessed the issue that way.

Maureen Kiley, 17, the Heathrow to be succinct: "Kids shouldn"t be kissing in school, yet they shouldn"t be suspended for it."

Frieda DiMartino, 65, of Deltona asked, "Why must these youngsters be punished because that a an extremely natural thing that kids do together they prosper up? it should have been report to their parents; let the parental take treatment of it. Permit teachers and also principals pay more attention to educating."

Also the opposite the suspension was Larry Collins, 59, of Apopka. "It should have been handled the means it was as soon as I was cultivation up: The kids should have actually been spanked, then their parents called."

Ben Niren, 82, the Winter Springs said, "I don"t see anything wrong through a peck in the hallway. What"s next? Expel kids for hold hands?"