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On October 15, 1988, Notre Dame organized the college of Miami in what to be arguably among the greatest gamings in college football history. The was tradition vs. Swagger, the No. 4-ranked Fighting ireland versus the No. 1-ranked Hurricanes, one coaching star versus another. However the surname still attached to the dispute came native a t-shirt manufactured by a couple of Notre Dame students. More »

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"Catholics vs. Convicts". Those 3 words take it an already bitter rivalry and also lit that on fire.

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In 1988, ns was a an elderly at Notre Dame as our other classmates on the gridiron -- under the management of Coach Lou Holtz -- set out for perfection. Ours football team had been struggling over lot of the past decade, however as the "88 season started it appeared that our long wait for an additional championship can possibly be comes to an end. Yet we had actually to acquire past the Miami Hurricanes to perform it.

I flourished up enamored with Notre Dame. In mine family, the was difficult not to. Mine grandfather and namesake, Francis Patrick Creadon I, was recruited by Coach Knute Rockne to play for the ireland in 1924. Though he didn"t finish up playing, the cheered on his classmates indigenous the student section as the Irish captured their very first national championship. Years later, my father attended Notre Dame, and also though one more national championship eluded the Irish during his time as a student there, the did witness one of the greatest upsets in college football history when us snapped Oklahoma"s 47-game to win streak in Norman, Oklahoma.

Several weeks before our epos showdown versus Miami in 1988 -- a game that would eventually determine the national championship the year -- my ideal friend and roommate play Walsh was liven chasing down his very own dream. Since he to be a small kid, he had dreamed of ending up being the walk-on for Digger Phelps and the Notre Dame basketball team. Walshy to be a great player, yet he"d have to beat the end one hundred other hopefuls the year to do Digger"s squad. He and also I had actually trained every summer with each other -- he ran sprints, I blew the whistle and also held the stopwatch -- and by the beginning of our senior year he remained in the finest shape of his life.

That"s as soon as he ran right into Joe Fredrick, the captain the the basketball team. "Walshy, I have actually a an excellent idea for a shirt because that the Miami game." "No way," claimed Walshy. "That shirt will obtain me kicked the end of school."

The Notre Dame-Miami showdown go on to end up being one of the greatest games in university football history, and the fight on the ar actually lived up to and also surpassed all the hype leading up to it. And also miraculously, mine buddy Walshy achieved his lifelong dream ~ above the hoops court.

But that"s only part of the story ... And also I don"t desire to give away the ending.

Film Summary

On October 15, 1988, Notre Dame hosted the college of Miami in what was arguably one of the greatest games in university football history. The was legacy vs. Swagger, the No. 4-ranked Fighting ireland versus the No. 1-ranked Hurricanes, one coaching star, Lou Holtz, versus another, Jimmy Johnson. However the name still attached to the challenge came indigenous a t-shirt manufactured by a few Notre Dame students: "Catholics vs. Convicts."

In this documentary for Films" acclaimed 30 for 30 series, director and narrator Patrick Creadon (Wordplay, I.O.U.S.A.) doesn"t just look back on this epos game. That explores the depths narrative as a Notre Dame an elderly at the time, a close friend to the young males in the middle of the "Catholics vs. Convicts" controversy (Joe Fredrick and also Pat Walsh) and a other classmate the the player behind center for the Fighting ireland (quarterback Tony Rice). He it s okay the coaches and the football player to open up up about the struggle that began the game, the very debatable calls that room still gift talked around and the insensitive aspects of the irresistibly renowned t-shirt.

As compelling together the story of Notre Dame"s dramatic win is -- also losing quarterback Steve Walsh calls it "a helluva ballgame" -- the backstory is simply as riveting.

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Patrick Creadon

Patrick Creadon and also his wife and also partner Christine O"Malley are one of the many successful documentary teams in America. They"ve double been nominated for the grand Jury Prize at the Sundance movie Festival ("Wordplay" 2006, "I.O.U.S.A." 2008), your film "If You build It" (2013) won an Independent soul Award, and their films have been translated into end a dozen languages and screened throughout the world. This is their very first collaboration with Films. Creadon and also O"Malley both thrived up in Chicago, and also are the children (and grandchildren) of Notre Dame grads. Lock live v their three daughters, two dogs, and two cats in Los Feliz, CA.