It seems like the poker TV collection 2 months 2 Million can be coming back! Jay Rosenkrantz tweeted that he was thinking around a second season.

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2 month 2 Million – The an initial poker truth show

2 month 2 Million to be a poker reality present that ran because that one season from respectable 16th come October 21st, 2009. Back then, the poker eight was in full effect and the display featured a main actors consisting of four highly successful online poker grinders.

Dani “Ansky” Stern, Jay “KRANTZ” Rosenkrantz, Brian “flawless_victory” Roberts, and also Emil “whitelime” Patel to be playing digital high comb and set themselves a goal because that the summer.

The 4 friends made decision to rental a residence in ras Vegas and also wanted to end up with a an unified 2 million in winnings by the finish of the summer.

Jay Rosenkrantz at a WSOP table

Unfortunately, their winnings totaled just $676,700 after 2 months.

Even despite they did finish up falling short of their goal that 2 million, the show became highly popular amongst poker players.

It was highly entertaining and additionally featured some intense digital poker sessions, poker coaching, and also several episodes also featured live poker.

While the display was obviously mostly targeting an audience the was interested in poker, there has been many of activity away indigenous the tables.

The cast collection up lot of funny challenges, prop bets and also the player with the fewest winnings had to do a humiliation through the finish of every week.

Nevertheless, the G4 network, which created the show, chose to cancel that after simply one season. In total, there were 10 episodes at a to run time of 22-24 minutes each.

Jay Rosenkrantz already had an idea of together a show a pair of years before it in reality was aired.

After the display got canceled, the team tried come find one more TV network to continue filming, yet it didn’t spark interest.

2 month 2 Million Season 2 coming up?

Even despite the very first episode the 2 months 2 Million was aired virtually 12 years ago, that seems like a potential second season could be comes up.

last night ns asked
Danistern9 exactly how much to do 2m2mm season 2, he claimed $15mm

time come mint $2M2MM and also make his desires come true

— Jay Rosenkrantz (
jayrosenkrantz) July 31, 2021

The 4 players remained an extremely close friends after ~ the show. However, it seems like only Emil Patel is still proactively playing poker for a living.

Nevertheless, Jay Rosenkrantz was talking to Dani Stern around a 2nd season ~ above Twitter. While Stern’s demand of $15 million shows up to it is in enormous, they probably noticed the an excellent responses from the Twitter community.

After Rosenkratz tweeted about the 2nd season, many world replied the they would love it.

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Even though much more than a te went by, there space still numerous fans of the show. Few of them even referred to as it your “Rounders“.

4 years because I've played a actual hand that poker