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AP picture William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield is shown in this 1910 photograph, taken 21 years after the feud v the McCoys ended. The feud began over a conflict of ownership of 2 razor-backed hogs and later escalated v Hatfield"s interest in increased Anna McCoy, Ole Ran"l McCoy"s daughter.

Hardly any person in America can hear the surname "Hatfield" without thinking "McCoy." This most infamous feud in American folklore occurred right in the Tri-State"s back yard.

The 2012 release of the background channel"s "Hatfields & McCoys" miniseries, starring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton, has sparked a renewed attention in the saga. You can find in the pages the the Tri-State Visitors" overview several feud-related attractions, activities and festivals. But prior to you go exploring, here"s a tutorial on what really occurred in the hills of southerly West Virginia and eastern Kentucky.

The feud between the Hatfields of West Virginia and the McCoys the Kentucky had actually its roots in the civil War and continued v 1981. The feud was led by patriarchs wilhelm "Devil Anse" Hatfield and Randolph McCoy. Here are some an essential events in the feud:

Both wilhelm "Devil Anse" Hatfield and also Randolph McCoy were Confederates and also were both follow me in a raid that eliminated Union Gen. Invoice France in the loss of 1863. The raid sparked into action the Kentucky homeguards, that were sent out to take evil one Anse and his men. One of France"s men, Asa Harmon McCoy (Randall"s brother), come after Anse in revenge.

He camped out in a rock house near his home. Anse found out and sent his Uncle Jim Vance and also Jim Wheeler Wilson, a fellow soldier, to confront McCoy.

A couple of court decisions helped to fuel the feud. In the late 1870s, adversary Anse Hatfield obtained into a land conflict with McCoy"s cousin Perry Cline. Anse winner the soil dispute and also was granted Cline"s entire 5,000-acre plot the land. A couple of months after the verdict, Randolph McCoy stopped to visit Floyd Hatfield, a cousin of adversary Anse. When visiting, McCoy saw a hog the he stated bore the McCoy noting on the ear. Hatfield denied the accusation and the two were hauled into court through Preacher Anderson Hatfield (a Baptist preacher and justice the the peace) to clear up the suit.

Both Hatfields and also McCoys offered as jurors. Randolph"s nephew invoice Staton, also a brother-in-law the Ellison Hatfield, swore the Floyd Hatfield own the hog.

Floyd won the case. On June 18, 1880, Staton was killed in a shootout with Paris and Sam McCoy, who were sent out to jail for their crime.

Two months after the killing of Staton, devil Anse"s son, Johnse met Roseanna McCoy, the daughter of Randolph McCoy, in ~ an 1880 choice Day event.

When she checked out be with Johnse in West Virginia, a posse the McCoys rode to the cabin, took Johnse prisoner and collection out because that the Pikeville jail. Roseanna told devil Anse, that gathered his own crew to reduced off the McCoys and also rescue his son. ~ that, the pair remained apart. Roseanna would offer birth to their daughter, buy it Elizabeth McCoy, in the feather of 1881. The baby died of measles later that year. Johnse Hatfield, who would it is in married four times in his life, met Nancy McCoy (the daughter the Asa Harmon McCoy, who had been killed by the Hatfields) and also they to be married on might 14, 1881.

On Aug. 5, 1882, the was election Day and also at the polls on Blackberry Creek, Ellison Hatfield obtained into a fight v Tolbert McCoy (Randolph"s son). Tolbert"s two younger brothers, Pharmer and Randolph Jr., jumped in the fight with knives, and also Pharmer McCoy shoot Ellison.

Preacher Anse Hatfield bespeak constables to take the McCoy brothers to the Pikeville jail to confront charges. They stopped at Floyd McCoy"s house for food and decided to spend the night additional up Blackberry Creek. Adversary Anse Hatfield discovered out and also the following morning came down on the scene, and also a posse of almost 20 family and also friends took charge of the McCoy boys. Once Ellison died, adversary Anse crossed right into Kentucky, bound the guys to paw paw trees and also the group of men executed the guys who had killed Ellison.

Hoping to leave no witnesses, the Hatfields raided the McCoy cabin in the dark that morning on brand-new Year"s job 1888. A firefight ensued, killing Randolph McCoy"s daughter Alifair and son Calvin. The raiders shed Randolph"s cabin to the ground. Randolph, his wife Sarah and the remaining children escaped.

The killing of the McCoys brought about Kentucky"s branch Simon Buckner to unleash one-of-a-kind officer open minded Phillips and also 38 guys to arrest the almost 20 men and also put the end a distinct reward which carried a slew the bounty hunters to come ~ the Hatfields. Phillips recorded several of those men, and also Phillips shot and also killed Uncle Jim Vance ~ above Jan. 10, 1888.

On Jan. 19, a huge firefight in between Phillips and his men and Devil Anse Hatfield and also his males happened, since known together the fight of Grapevine Creek. Although no one was killed in the fight, the prompted evil one Anse to order 25 brand-new Winchester repeating rifles come prepare for future attacks.

The raids carried the ire of West Virginia Gov. E. Willis Wilson, and also many assumed there might be one more Civil War break out along the Tug Fork in between factions in the two states. Both claims ordered their nationwide Guard devices to prepare to safeguard their borders.

West Virginia"s governor sue Kentucky because that the unlawful arrest of ripe prisoners and unsuccessfully appealed the instance to the U.S. Supreme Court in April 1888. The court rule the Hatfields would have to stand psychological in Kentucky even if it is or not the initial arrests by Phillips to be legal. Elison Mounts was hanged top top Feb. 18, 1890, for the shoot of Alifair and also Calvin McCoy, and the remainder were given life sentences for their duties in killing the 3 McCoy brothers.

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