An examicountry of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, shows on what has actually transpired in the 15 years after the tragedies. Included: photos declassified in 2016, files from the 9/11 commission and also stories from photographers and also initially responders.

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I observed this post and also visited schedule this show to record and, at least according to the Comcrap on-screen guide, it appears it airs at 9 PM ET (and reruns at 10 PM ET) and Hotel Ground Zero airs at 8 PM. (Hotel Ground Zero, for anyone who hasn"t watched, is absolutely fascinating! I"m still surprised that so little bit is well-known around what taken place tbelow.)


I observed this short article and also saw schedule this display to document and, at leastern according to the Comcrap on-screen guide, it appears it airs at 9 PM ET.

You"re right that it premieres at 9 (I corrected my initial post), yet it"s 2 hours lengthy, concluding simply after 11 PM ET.

You"re best that it premieres at 9 (I corrected my initial post), but it"s two hours long, concluding simply after 11 PM ET.


Or have actually we reached 9/11-documentary saturation, also if this one has actually exclusive photos and interviews?

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I"m willing to provide this a try. For those that can be curious, this is booked for CNN on September 11, at 8:00 pm EDT.

I was across the river in a hotel lobby in Brooklyn Heights for many of the day after gaining ago from vacation on a flight that landed at LGA at 8:30am. I couldn"t obtain ago to my apartment in Manhattan till the bridges and tunnels reopened around 3. I still think of you and Don on the anniversary yearly. Hope he"s out tbelow somewbelow living a great life.

I"m willing to give this a shot. For those that might be curious, this is reserved for CNN on September 11, at 8:00 pm EDT.

My mistake; the CNN regime is 15 Years Later. The subtitle on the image over says History Channel. Sorry around that.

I watched the majority of of this. Like the short article sassist, the projecting imeras on the intercheck out topics was distracting and also IMO pointmuch less. 

9/11 appears endlessly fascinating to me, yet my husband also thinks I"m nuts for revisiting it. 

I"m likewise endlessly fascinated by 9/11 and also my husband also likewise thinks I"m nuts. Perhaps it"s bereason my wedding was 4 days later and at the time, I believed the world was finishing and also I would certainly not gain to get married after 10 years of dating!

I simply read this write-up about all of the illnesses associated with people that were approximately Ground Zero (not just responders) that day. If you were within a mile and a fifty percent of Ground Zero the day it occurred and during the cleanup you qualify for this one-of-a-kind group and any illnesses you obtain that are concerned all the toxins that were released are spanned 100% by the federal government. For anyone who was close to the towers that day make sure to read this:

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I watched this. I can"t help it. Whenever before anypoint new is on around 9/11 I"m helpless and can not resist watching. It was such a gutwrenching, horrible and also frightening day as were the days following. Its sindicate unreal that it was 15 years earlier.


I watched a one-hour show on PBS dedicated to that day in the Pentagon earlier in the week - it was really great. There hasn"t been most coverage of it.

I experienced that too. It was really excellent.

I knew someone that was eliminated tright here, and also was just a few miles ameans from the Pentagon on 9/11. It appears to be an afterbelieved these days so I"m glad that it was actually covered in the 15 Septembers Later documentary.

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