I to be trying to uncover the perform of certain job # indigenous load day in our database with the details condition and I need to use inner join as well. I desire to have actually last 15 days precious of job # in my keep procedure. Exactly how do I set up the LoadDate that will readjust auto for last 15 work only.

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Here is my query:



You can use

CONVERT(date, DATEADD(DAY, -15, GETDATE()))insted your fix day Value.

With this password you recieve the current Date GetDate() and substract 15 work DateAdd(day, -15, DateValue)

Finaly you transform it into date Typ Convert(date, value) otherwise girlfriend would obtain the existing time, too.


Your query must be together follow:

select pr.Job_Number, Count(ItemCode1) as , si.PackageCompletefrom processed_record prinner sign up with scanner_2 si top top pr.ItemCode1 = si.ItemCode1where pr.Format_Name choose "%Lin%" and pr.LoadDate >= DATEADD(DAY,-15,GETDATE())group through pr.Job_Number, si.PackageCompleteorder by si.PackageComplete, pr.Job_NumberGETDATE() will get the existing date and DATEADD() duty will add (subtract) -15 days.


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