ok fellas, im still new to the juniorg8.com game. Have the right to yall help me out? 13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-diene-17-one, anyone recognize anything about it? seriously, i just ran right into it, and i cant find nothin on that in search. Many thanks in breakthrough fellas. Lata

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ok fellas, im still new to the juniorg8.com game. Deserve to yall assist me out? 13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-diene-17-one, anyone know anything around it? seriously, i simply ran right into it, and i cant discover nothin on that in search. Thanks in advancement fellas. Lata
Google it and also you uncover it"s a prohormone; don"t take it w/o lot of of research, and also a proper PCT in hand. PHs are not a joke and carry possibly serious consequences. Additionally, no period was listed but if you are under 21 execute not even think about taking this.
from a google search . . .
Introducing Max LMG Under the new Anabolic Steroid act of 2004 and also Dietary complement Health education and learning Act that 2004, it is sometimes difficult to give the credit transaction due a brand-new product, and worse, it pipeline the consumer uninformed. Let"s see if ns can offer some usable information that is quiet legal to state in website copy however of part value. Ergomax LMG to be a distinct pheromone matrix that had amazing positive impacts upon human body composition and also sex-drive. Regrettably we had actually to pull it come avoid an ext negative focus upon our industry. Max LMG is our following generation human body composition goodie, and yes, it acquired the name because of some of its comparable effects...plus a few added values. The active compound in Max LMG is 13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-diene-17-one. I find it unlikely that there are an extremely many mindful of this structure, however it is absolutely worth discussing. That is legal because it is a progestin, and also before anyone think "birth-control", remember that trenbolone, nandrolone, methyltrienolone and also Methyl-Dien room all progestins. Ns doubt anyone will problem the results of this compounds ~ above favorable body composition. But they do all have actually one poor effect to put an finish to... (I should include as a relevant comparison the Clomid and Nolvadex space estrogens...and how numerous males have actually rid themselves of feminizing impacts plus increased natural testosterone production with them?) as a progestin, Max LMG is structurally pertained to the so-called abortion pill RU-486 and also as together acts together an "anti-progesterone". Yes, this way decreased estrogen-like impacts and rise in libido. This is most likely why so many testers have referred to Max LMG together the anti-Deca-Dick/Tren-Dick product. Research suggests that Max LMG has a half-life of around 6 hours, despite it shows up that the is closer come 10 hours based top top plasma levels maintained in our test subjects. That is not a 17-alkylated analog thus having really low potential because that liver toxicity. However, it have to be provided that oral bioavailability is far-ranging as a administration protocol of 25mg 3 times day-to-day provides around the same results as 10mg 2 times daily of Ergomax LMG in regard to body composition effects, strength and lean mass. Progestins execute not aromatize to estrogens and also being a 5-alpha-reduced analog stays clear of conversion to DHT. That is vital to remember the being 5-alpha-reduced also means it is regarded DHT. Hmmm, 5-alpha lessened means an excellent high high quality hardening effects, too. Naturally the lack of estrogenic task translates into low water retention and also solid gains. Because of non-aromatization to estrogens, there is a reduced potential for HPTA inhibition native use. This does not mean that over there is none, simply less to deal with post use. Remember the there are two HPTA negative feed-back loops (Please view Ultra hot info). 4-8 main of constant Max LMG management provides good results. And also yes, i do indicate the usage of Ultra hot for 4-6 weeks before repeating

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