Chroma"s 63200A collection high power electronic loads v digital signal microprocessor (200MHz) developed in have actually the optimal speed and control performance. The ultra high density power (6kW
4U) not only saves room, its supervisor high voltage (0.015%+0.015%F.S.) and current (0.04%+0.04%F.S.) measure up accuracy guarantee the fidelity that results. In addition, the entire collection can one of two people be activate by hand or managed remotely. For greater power demands, master/slave control can be provided to parallel multiple units for operation. These electronic loads also have synchronous loading capabilities come simulate the yes, really loading status.

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The world leading ultra high power density design overturns the concept of oversize and complicated moving high power digital load. It conserves plenty the room room and solves the an are issue when upgrading the digital load in one automated check system. Moreover, the 63200A provides 4 set of user-defined hot keys that enable the user to get in the operation setting quickly.


The iconic duty selections do it simpler for individuals to control/operate the 63200A series. The an easy and breakthrough functions space iconized, users can choose the features via the rotary or arrowhead keys. The abbreviation are shown in the icons and also the complete descriptions are shown on the VFD screen for individuals to quickly operate there is no the need for an procedure manual.


The 63200A series is equipped with flippable front panel for 7U, 10U & 13U height models v maximum flippable angle 70˚. This design permits convenient access to controls from any kind of height.



The 63200A series electronic lots operate in consistent voltage, current, resistance, or power modes to fulfill a wide range of check requirements. Because that instance, the CC and CR settings ensure the the UUT voltage outputs remain stable as soon as the load varies. Because that battery chargers or charging stations, CV setting can adjust their output voltage come ensure the precision of the charging current. As soon as the UUT is a battery, the digital load changes to simulate maker loading behavior. Plenty of battery discharge applications and power usage profiles deserve to be simulated for analysis, make the CP mode the best an option for simulating electronic an equipment loads.



When the require is for raised power, two or an ext loads have the right to be operation in parallel to achieve the wanted load current. The 63200A provides the user v smart Master/ Slave setting controls which enables the user to program the fill currents that the Master and have them instantly calculated and downloaded come the servant loads. Using several tons in parallel to emulate a solitary load substantially simplifies the operation. Every models of the collection can be incorporated into a 41U traditional rack to conserve space. The 63200A have the right to be controlled and reconfigured v automated experimentation applications via standard USB or optional Ethernet and also GPIB interfaces.



The 63200A series has a unique sine wave loading function which allows setup of a current prejudice (I_DC), a loading sine wave (I_AC) and sine wave frequency. The sine tide loading need to be higher or equal to zero ampere. This role can be supplied for D/D, server strength supplies and fuel cells because that DCIR testing.



Modern electronic gadgets operate at an extremely high speeds and demand quick transient response characteristics. To attend to these applications, the 63200A collection offers high speed, programmable dynamic loading (CCD: Dynamic existing Loading & CRD: Dynamic Resistance Loading) and sweep simulation for testing. The figure shown listed below exhibits the programmable parameters such as current high/low level, T1/T2, rise/fall rate and execution times. Once the fill current alters continuously, the interior monitoring mechanism and line circuit can minimize the present waveform distortion. The present rise minimum an answer time for model150V is 10μs and the dynamic adjust is approximately 50kHz.

The dynamic mode provides a distinct simulation capability allowing individuals to collection the variety of times each cycle repeats indigenous 1~65535. This function is very suitable for testing D/D converter and also instant big withstand present of batteries.




The 63200A likewise offers a distinctive dynamic frequency sweep (as presented on the right) with variable frequencies approximately 50kHz. This capability is right for identify worst situation voltage peaks. Measurement of the Vpeak (+/-) have the right to be achieved using this role with a sampling rate of 500kHz. The dynamic loading mode have the right to simulate various loading problems for most test requirements. Committed remote pack sensors and also control circuits insurance minimum waveform distortion during dynamic loading.



There are many capacitors on the mainboard that PC. To prevent the inrush current from occurring and trigger the over current protection of server strength (since the server strength charges the capacitors ~ above the mainboard). It is necessary to check the capacitive loading when transforming on the strength supply. Therefore, the 63200A series provides the CZ setting for this test.

The distinct CZ setting designed in 63200A collection can boost the loading behavior of CC & CP mode and also makes the simulated loading current much more realistic.



The 63200A series provides three operating and measuring ranges. Take 63206A-150-600 for example, three voltage varieties of 16V/80V/150V i beg your pardon can satisfy the needs of server power or telecom strength (12V, 48V, 54V) testing; three present ranges the 60A/300A/600A i beg your pardon can administer different applications of present operating and can minimize the measure up error by selecting the an ideal range. Besides, a integrated highly precision A/D converter, achieving 0.015%+0.015%F.S., 0.04%+0.04%F.S. And 0.1%+0.1%F.S. Accuracy because that voltage, current and also power measure espectively. An accurate measurements prefer these are appropriate for testing power efficiency and other an important parameters that the UUT"s.

OVER present & OVER power TESTING

To certain user safety and minimize power supply failure rates, overcurrent and also overpower protections need to be bring away into factor to consider during design. The 63200A enables the user to set current and power orders to test overcurrent and also overpower protections, likewise to judge the test an outcome as pass or failure on digital load. The maximum power (Pmax) during testing can be captured and showed ~ above the display without making use of an oscilloscope come verify the correctness of designed overcurrent and overpower . It deserve to save a lot of of experimentation time for the user.


USER characterized WAVEFORMS

In enhancement to typical CC, CV, CP and CR loading settings of typical loads, the 63200A accepts digital data from DAQ cards or analog data from role generators to permit for complex waveforms to be created as depicted below.


The 63200A also provides an enhanced feature, User identified Waveform (UDW), to simulate the actual current profiles and waveforms. To rebuild the actual present waveform, the user can upload caught waveform data into any kind of load via a Chroma softpanel. Each load is qualified of storing up to 10 to adjust of waveforms through each comprising up to 1.5 millions data clues to fulfill the much more strenuous check requirements.

In addition, 63200A series also provides voltage peak measurement during actual loading conditions. Staying clear of the need for making use of an oscilloscope to capture the voltage peak, saving time and costs.



The 63200A has actually three discharge modes: CC, CR and CP. The digital load can collection cut turn off voltage and time (1~100,000 sec.) to stop loading correctly and also make sure the battery is not damaged due to over discharge. In enhancement it can measure the battery discharge strength (WH, AH) and also total discharge time. Because that example, when load ON is pressed, the 63200A inner clock will start counting till the battery voltage is to reduce to cut off voltage or pack OFF is pressed. The battery discharge testing can also apply come super capacitor because that discharge time testing and also so on.



The 63200A series electronic fill has developed in 255 programmable timings for various loading problems simulation. Following lists the applications of usual programmed timings.

1. Battery discharge & other applications (NPC, electrical car and also electric locomotive) come simulate miscellaneous dynamic loading existing waveform, that is to administer two levels over dynamic current simulation or one shot loading simulation. 2. Server/ Telecom power supply mixed load modulation. (For multi networks output UUT.)



The 63200A series offers a digitizing function convenient for the record of transients in both voltage and also current waveforms. The complying with are the specifications for setup the parameters:

Sampling time:2μs ~ 40ms / resolution: 2μs (Setting the expression of sampling time)Sampling point:1 ~ 15,000 (Setting the full sampling points)

COMPLEX operation MODE

New complex operating modes encompass CR+CC, CV+CR and also CV+CC modes. The CR+CC mode is an ideal for strength on testing and the CV+CR mode have the right to replace Von setup while the CV+CC mode can be used for battery discharge testing.



This mode instantly switches among CV, CR, CC and also CP modes. It is perfect for lithium ion battery charger experimentation to acquire a complete V-I charging curve. Moreover, the auto mode have the right to avoid damaging the UUT as soon as the defense circuit is damaged.

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The 63200A collection loads have the right to be operated from the front panel controls or from easily accessible softpanel. This user friendly software consists of all functions of the 63200A series loads and is easy to understand and also operate. The 63200A loads have the right to be regulated via GPIB, USB and Ethernet interfaces because that remote control and also automated testing applications.




1. Power Switch : electronic load AC strength switch2. Vacuum Fluorescent screen : Setup information display3. Shortcut keys : Loading mode switch4. Role Keys : including A/B key, RANGE, MODE, EXTEND, LOCK, COFIG./LOCAL, EDIT, SPEC, SHORT, RECALL, ADVA, conserve & CLEAR5. ENTRY keys : number keys and ENTER key6. Arrowhead Keys : changing and selecting menu7. Push-on Knob : modifying parameter setup page, press the knob again to check the input value once the setup is done8. USB organize (not prepared yet) : because that user characterized waveform and programmed succession data download and firmware upgrade


9. Pack Positive/Negative Terminal10. Remote sense Connections11. Analog Outputs : Proportional voltage and current waveforms12. Mechanism BUS : for master/slave system data transmission13. Mechanism I/O : For system input/output signal control14. GPIB & Ethernet map Slot15. USB Port16. AC entry Connector