This is part 2 of our study of the plagues the Egypt, for part 1 head to Moses and also the Plagues part 1 (original title, i know). Both of this weeks are a huge hit in ours Sunday School class for different reasons.

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What I learn from the Passover and the 10 Plagues

We’ve got to the second component of the 10 plagues, and this is where it gets difficult, since of the Passover (a Christian Passover lesson). It’s hard to understand how a GOOD God can permit the death of thousands of very first born sons.

As I read it, there are two things that stand out to me. One, a warning was given. There to be 9 plagues prior to this, and each time their leader, Pharaoh, went ago on his word. The a sad state of affairs, however often the people are punished because that the sins of the leader (look in ~ Enron, countless workers to be hurt by the negative decisions the a few). Second, i choose to think some did hear to the warning. It claims several times in Exodus 11 and 12 they believed Moses, for this reason if the is true, castle may have done what he claimed to do.

But even so, there were numerous who died. And it’s sad. And also I don’t know it. Ns can give you many theories and theological messages to talk about (I’d extremely recommend watching Buck Denver Asks: What’s in the Bible? Volume 2 – let My civilization Go affiliate link, it offered the finest explanation because that these things that i’ve heard and it’s geared for young kids).

Anyways, let’s talk Moses and also the 10 Plagues activities, and what us did.


I’m sure I’ll be sharing images like this for a small bit, since I love to watch them reading their Bibles. It renders me so happy. Lock still need a lot of help, yet it provides me happy.

I’d been asked what bible the children have, and also they have Adventure scriptures for at an early stage Readers, NIrV

. It’s acquired a larger print 보다 usual and also the NIrV is simpler to read, yes sir a couple of things i disagree v (they’re a bit much more explicit in their translation, “Adam had actually sex v his wife,” quite than “Adam knew his wife,” which have the right to lead to ‘discussions’).

To see more info top top that inspect out: choosing a scriptures for her Kids.

We got some an excellent discussions this week:

was Pharaoh sorry when he stated he was?why walk the Israelites eat through their shoes on?what various other times walk God present his glory? very long discussion here.


Then us played part games. The Egyptians wandered about in darkness if the Israelites might see simply fine. They children really appreciated being the blindfolded Egyptian trying to discover the Israelite (a variation of blind man’s bluff).


Then us made a locust to go v the plauge the locusts (I’d want to execute a snack v this, yet forgot to acquire the materials, therefore this was my improv).

Instructions are in the printable, yet I was amused by their advancements on mine design, we only had actually red pipe cleaners, for this reason the youngsters painted them brown, and then they mixed the repaint to get a muddy green, they claimed “looks an ext like a locust.” climate Princess do a butterfly.


And then they acquired silly………… paint themselves. This of course brought about baths because that all. And my bath tub now is slightly brown native the mess.

The really funny thing is I believed of one much more activity after ~ the children went to bed because that the torment of Hail, we didn’t complete it, yet it’s in the printable.


As constantly click top top the picture, or on Moses and the 10 Plagues component 2 come download her storybook.

Additional sources to use:

For more ideas on Moses check out our Moses unit or see every one of the concepts on the “Exodus” pinterest plank (It’s in quotes because there’s a bit much more than Exodus ~ above it). Continue to follow along and see just how much the Israelites complain.

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