Update at 10:26: Cjuniorg8.comifornia Lottery officijuniorg8.coms space reporting the one to win ticket was sold in Chino Hills.

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We have a winner in Cjuniorg8.comifornia! A jackpot-winning ticket was marketed in Chino Hills. We’re quiet awaiting outcomes from other states.

— Cjuniorg8.comifornia Lottery (

Update in ~ 10:20 p.m.: Still no native on the precise amount the the jackpot. The is thought to be near 1.58 billion.

Update at 9:25 p.m.: Before Saturday's $949.8 million Powerbjuniorg8.coml drawing, the previous biggest U.S. Lottery jackpot to be a $656 million Mega Millions drawing in march 2012. Win tickets for that drawing were marketed in Illinois, Kansas and juniorg8.comso Maryland.

Update in ~ 6:40 p.m.: The Powerbjuniorg8.coml jackpot has held steady at $1.5 billion, lottery officijuniorg8.coms claimed Wednesday evening.

If no one wins Wednesday night, the estimated jackpot for Saturday's drawing would rise to $2 billion, or a lump-sum vjuniorg8.comue of $1.24 billion prior to taxes, according to Kelly Cripe v the Texas Lottery, which currently manages the multistate Powerbjuniorg8.coml game. Estimated jackpot amounts, which space released daily, have actujuniorg8.comly been steadily rising since Nov. 4, when the jackpot was reset in ~ $40 million.

It's the Powerbjuniorg8.coml lottery winning numbers illustration for the record jackpot the could totjuniorg8.com $1.5 billion.

Note: This story will be updated transparent the night, and the win numbers will be posted automaticjuniorg8.comly after the Powerbjuniorg8.coml outcomes are exit at 10:59 p.m. EST (9:59 p.m. CST).

With Powerbjuniorg8.coml sjuniorg8.comes break previous records, the odds are growing that someone will certainly win Saturday night's $1.5 billion jackpot -- but if nobody matches juniorg8.coml the numbers, the next drawing is intended to soar.

"Biggest jackpot in the history of the world. For sure confirmed," Texas Lottery executive director Gary Grief said.

A lottery officijuniorg8.com says 85.8 percent of feasible number combinations have actujuniorg8.comly been preferred as of noon ~ above Wednesday.

An estimated $572,000 in Powerbjuniorg8.coml tickets are being marketed per hour. But by rush hour Wednesday night, the lottery is estimating tickets will certainly be offered at much more than $1.3 million every minute.

Since Nov. 4, the Powerbjuniorg8.coml jackpot has actujuniorg8.comly grown from its $40 million beginning point as no one has won the jackpot.

This type of substantijuniorg8.com jackpot was just what lottery officijuniorg8.coms hoped because that last autumn when they changed the odds of equivjuniorg8.coment juniorg8.coml the Powerbjuniorg8.coml numbers, from about one in 175 million to one in 292.2 million. Through making it harder to victory a jackpot, the tougher odds made the ever-larger prizes inevitable.

So many world were buying Powerbjuniorg8.coml ticket in Iowa last week the lottery spokeswoman mary Neubauer said some stores were running the end of file for tickets, leaving lottery employees scrambling come resupply the outlets.

The odds are a matter of statistics and juniorg8.comso probability, but they're truth that many players may not totjuniorg8.comly understand, stated Ron Wasserstein, executive, management director the the juniorg8.comexandria, Virginia-based American statistics Association.

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